Hello Brains!

My name is Levi, and I’ve got ADHD! I’m 35 years old, and started receiving treatment about 2 years ago when I started going back to college to pursue a degree in Biology. I’m…4 days (?) away from finishing that off, and I’ve got to say that I’m terrified of what comes next. More terrified than when I started all of this. It’s been an interesting life, and to go into a bit of brief detail, I was in the military for 8 years, got injured, had surgery, got out, got injured again, had another surgery, got put into a vocational rehab program, and now I’m near the end of that program. My wife was the one who convinced me to pursue something science-based, as I can’t really do the “manual labor” thing so much anymore, and it was the thing I was really good at. You only get one spine, people! Treat it well! General science is something I’ve always been interested in, though, and was always the “random facts” that my mind held onto. I avoided pursuing it professionally because of my experiences with math when I was younger. I’d always been scared to pursue something hard-science based, because I knew I was pretty much trash at math. Figured if I couldn’t do physical stuff, I may as well do mental stuff though, so I gave it a shot. Enter my first math class and subsequent ADHD treatment!

The difference between appropriate treatment and trying to do things on my own has no better summation than the reality I faced. My first (not even college level) algebra exam, I scored a C, and I REALLY had to work for that C. It was a low C. The day after that exam, I was put on (the right) medication. Two weeks later was our second exam, and I put in just as much effort for that one as I had the first. I was the only person in the class to pull off a perfect score. Turns out, I’m actually really good at math, as well as microbiology, chemistry, and general biology. Physics, not so much. I’m okay at physics. These past two years have been a whirlwind, and somehow I’m graduating near the top of my class. Honestly, it’s been a blur, and life has been happening in the process. I’m also in the process of getting a phlebotomy certification so I can get into the biotech field, and am planning to transfer from Biology into Biochem.

This is the end of the first plan that I had put together, though. Sure, there’s been things added onto the end of it, and I’ve got those in focus, but I’m entering into the realm of uncertainty. It’s daunting, and I’m more than a little scared. I’ve managed to push through college because of the whole “thrive in chaos and disorder” thing, but now I need to work on being organized and focused. I just ordered a bullet journal, and figured I could try jumping into this community a shot as well. My immediate circle is extremely small, mostly because I am absolutely abysmal at keeping in touch with people, and most of the time I prefer to ignore the world exists as opposed to running the risk of making plans that sound wonderful right now, but I know I probably won’t feel like following through on when the time comes.

Also! I have a 13-year-old daughter from a previous relationship (not marriage) who lives with her mother and step father. Amazingly enough, I have a fantastically close relationship with both of them, as does my wife of 4 years. I’m very lucky on that front, and love the confusion I see from people when I tell them how the four of us all work as a unified parenting unit. To be fair, though, that relationship took a long time to get back to the “friends” point, but that’s an entirely different story.

In a nutshell, that’s me right now. Military background, college student, science major…Oh! I’ve been a stage actor on and off for about 19 years, I used to run a ballroom studio for a moderately prolific person, and I also used to work at the last steel mill in my state which still has it’s own melt shop. Hello everyone!

I feel as though I’ve said WAY more than I intended to, and normally I would go back over everything I said, edit a billion times, and probably wind up erasing and rewriting everything…but I’m not gonna do that this time.


:+1: Welcome Levi :exclamation:

An interesting life story . . .

Hope you stay connected here. I don’t think you will be disappointed!

The more “Brains” . . . the more support . . . the more information . . . the more laughs . . . And some tears.

C ya round . . .

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Hi Levi,
It sounds like you’ve encountered a few unplanned detours in your life but that you’ve approached everything with a positive attitude and the road ahead of you looks clear! Congratulations and welcome!
– John


Loved your introduction! :grinning::smile:
And I was just waiting for you to say that you can now do the math thing :sweat_smile: It’s amazing how things change once we get older and understand ourselves better and yes, I have to admit that the meds help me too.

The summer I started on the meds, I got a grade up from a 4 to a 9 (10 being the highest possible, 5.5 being a pass). Not in maths, but in something called ‘philosophy of science’ which involved reading a very dry book in Dutch and understanding how it all fitted together. I couldn’t even read two pages of that book at a time before the meds.

In fact, stories like yours and my own experience of starting meds and being entitled to extra time in exams as a mature student make it really clear to me why I get annoyed about people not getting the help they need. Not just in academia, but in return-to-work programmes and just about everything in life, if you can manage the bare minimum then often that’s it, you are supposed to be satisfied with that. Even though the people deciding that have achieved much more and would not be satisfied with that standard (of education /work/housing/whatever) themselves.

Then if you manage to get the right support, you can do so much more and be not just less dependent on others for financial support, but make a positively useful contribution to society in far more ways than when you were struggling to maintain everything on a daily basis. This is a ‘people in general’ you, not a ‘you personally’ you.

Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox now :see_no_evil: