Hello everyone (oink oink)


I couldn’t think of a title for this and then I heard Peppa Pig say “hello everyone” lol. It seemed fitting that I would use something that distracted me. My name is Kyle and I was just recently diagnosed at 30. I tend to be inattentive (it has taken 10 minutes to write this much). I often tell my wife that my brain is like an attic and my thoughts are storage boxes, terribly unorganized and probably spilling all over the place. I often can’t remember how to call things so I just get as close as possible (dryer = “clothes microwave”). I recently started taking medicine and find it to be one of the greatest things ever. I love how easy it is to switch thoughts or be able to not concentrate on everything. That painful feeling like my brain is gum stuck to an idea that I have to rip away in order to get to a new idea is gone. I have a much more even temper and I get stuff done!! (cough except laundry cough). I also have a 2 year old who I am almost convinced is a brain like us.
I absolutely love the How to ADHD videos/community and recommend them to all my fellow brain friends. It has been a great asset to finally be able to communicate what its like in my very messy attic.
All that said, I love you all and am excited/grateful/happy/nervous/ hopeful/ etc… to be here!


That’s funny. :smile:

Welcome to the tribe Kyle!

There is a recent thread here that talks about exactly that… Problems with finding the right words, and a sort of minor dyslexia.

If it wasn’t already 4:30am, I’d hunt down the link. Must sleep. But the wheels are turning… Time for 1/2 a dexy maybe.


Thanks for letting me know. I’m gonna hunt it down or fall down a rabbit hole trying!


I didn’t know what ‘falling through the rabbit hole’ meant. I looked it up. I understand it now and it applies to the situation.


Haha oh no! Did you fall down a rabbit hole looking for the answer?

It’s an idiom I’ve always loved based from Alice in Wonderland. (Like how we go from watching a funny video and 4 hours later are watching instructional videos on how dislodge a tree branch from a giraffe’s throat.)


"It means stumbling into a bizarre, disorientating alternate reality " that’s what it said. But I get what you mean.
English isn’t my first language and I love to draw.


Very cool! I love drawing too. I’m just getting a little more serious about it finally. (too many hobbies).


I’ve been down that rabbit hole so many times that I know it like the back of my hand.

My advice: When you get to the intersection of “weird” and “normal”, take the “weird” exit. Seems to be a more interesting path usually.