Hello fellow brain-y humans!

Hi! My name is Stephen from Chicago, and I was diagnosed with ADD when I was about 8 I think? I think it was around first grade. Anyway, I was prescribed Concerta throughout Elementary and Middle School, and it worked well enough I guess since I managed to get through them, but I was taking a pretty high dose, and when I got to high school, I started getting much more inconsistent with taking it because I hated the decreased appetite side effect that lead to me not eating lunch, and trying to get around that meant it was sometimes as much a hindrance as a help. I also started noticing that the high dose made it incredibly difficult for me to actually shift my focus away from anything, so if I happened to be reading a book when I took it, it would be hours before I could think about anything but that book.

I basically stopped taking my medicine when I went to college because the way I had been taking it just did not work with a college schedule, and ended up failing out after a year and a half. At that point, my parents and I decided to get me officially re-diagnosed so I could apply for accommodations at my new school, and we changed up my medication. Throughout all of this however, most of my progress at dealing with it was driven by my parents since they are both Family Practice Medical Doctors and I’m used to letting them deal with anything medical.

Now, I am finishing up my last few classes before graduating with a degree in Technical Theater, specifically Lighting, and I’m about to start figuring out how to actually make a living in Theater, which is slightly terrifying. I’ve also been trying to find out a lot more about ADHD and how exactly ADHD brains are different from Neurotypical brains, and that lead me to this channel, and finally to this forum!

Now that I’ve gone into more detail about my life than I probably needed to, I’m basically here because I connected with the content from this channel more than I have with any other that I’ve watched, and it seems like a great place to figure out how to actively connect to an online community instead of just lurk awkwardly like I’ve always done before.

(I also have a writing disability that makes it difficult for me to translate ideas from my head into an actual written form. Basically meaning that even though I was just retelling my life here, it still took me almost an hour to write this one post…) (And still ended up editing it right after I posted it…)

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Welcome to the tribe
I also have a writing disability that is eerily similar basically I know what I want to write for a paper or whatever I am writing but sometimes it will not transcribe from brain to paper.

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So yea, I totally helped construct the “death chair” for a Sweeney Todd production. Forgot have to comment on this specific post.

Ok dude, don’t let your parents do that. Like, you are taking substances that alter your brain chemistry. Would you rather that you be in charge of that or your parents?

Just sayin…

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Welcome @Mordu5. I am happy for you. I wish, I and my brain could manage such in under an hour… :smiley: that’s fantastic. Normally we triple that time and have to come back following days for more editing and correcting. How can you be this fast? What kind of strategies and techniques do you use to accomplish a shorter time span? I haven’t found a good recipe for me yet.

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