Hello fellow Brains!


Hello! I’m 32 and I just got diagnosed about a week and a half ago. Now I’m currently trying to set up a psychiatrist appointment so I can get properly treated. I’m really grateful for the videos for all the information I’ve learned so far.



You aren’t alone. (Heh. Always wanted to say that! But it’s true!)

Also, people who don’t know much about ADHD, can be remarkably negative and destructive with their (wrong) assumptions about what your own behavior “should” be. So, don’t just blame yourself! Sometimes it’s THEM with the problem.

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Luckily I haven’t gotten any really negative responses from doctors or people I know. Some of them have been surprised (since I try really hard at work). At home however things are a huge mess. Luckily my husband has been great.

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Welcome to the tribe!:grin:

Glad to hear you’re having a relatively benign process so far.:blush: Good luck with your psychiatrist appointment!



Welcome to the Tribe!

Glad to hear you haven’t had to deal with the negative stereotyping that often comes with it.