Hello from a heart in the Panhandle of FL


I am a heart of adult kids with ADHD - the girls take Adderall XR and do well but my son, who hasn’t taken medication in years and has had a roller coaster of a life is finally conceding to start back. I am thrilled! I am a bit guilty in not realizing that all of the troubles that he has been through (financial, overwhelmed feelings, slight depression and anxiety (based on being overwhelmed), lack of motivation, etc. were due to ADHD. I thought it was just him being him. I began learning more myself and have been sharing with him and other family members that his poor decisions are from ADHD and not because he didn’t know any better.



I’m glad your son is returning to treatment. Remind him of all the wonderful things about him and his ADHD! Sometimes we need that.


Way to go Mama!

I wish my mom would educate herself like you’ve been doing. She tries to support me, but she really doesn’t get how much I beat myself up when I make a stupid or impulsive decision, knowing I messed up, but didn’t mean to.

I’m so glad your son has the support of a loving mom. I hope all goes well with getting him back on meds, or whatever treatment he pursues.


Welcome from Central Florida!


Thank you! I do but he’s commented that all I talk about these days are his ADHD and the research that I’ve found to help. The next step is actually getting him to go to the doctor. Wish me luck!


Thank you! I started a Facebook page and other social media pages to educate my family and friends. I figured it would be taken more seriously if the message came from others that are experts in the field. I throw everything I find (with some discernment) there.

Maybe you can ‘share’ things that you come across with her. That’s what took my husband to finally see that it wasn’t my son making the bad decisions (or lack of) on his own but ADHD.


Thank you!


Hello CrushingADHD and welcome!

It’s so great to see another heart around here! We love our hearts just as much as we love our brains. :heart: I’m glad your son is looking back into treatment. :heart: And it’s okay that you didn’t realize his struggles were from ADHD - because the important part is you know differently now. My Mom thought my struggles were just teenage angst or me being me… that I was just super sensitive (true, but it’s due to emotional dysregulation that comes from ADHD!)… but when she learned differently it opened a whole new world and she has been incredible and supportive. And I don’t fault her for not realizing any of it. It can be hard! Especially when symptoms sometimes don’t seem like ADHD traits on the surface. You’re doing the best you can and you sound incredibly supportive and wonderful! :heart:


Thank you for your warm welcome! Yes, we love our brains! As much as I feel bad about my son, I also feel bad for my daughter- not because she wasn’t well equipped, or so it seemed. I didn’t realize that she had ADHD because her symptoms were so different than my sons. She had a tad bit of OCD that kept her on task and wasn’t messy or hyper. I’ve learned so much from the both of them now that we’re having that ADHD conversation again now that they’re adults and can better explain what they’re feeling! I’m hoping to get them more involved in this site so that they can learn from other brains. <3