Hello from France!

Bonjour Brains! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m a 29yo female aspiring to become a Data Scientist. I looked up the term ADHD a few months ago after a series of issues at work; my boyfriend suggested it could explain things he’s observed in my behavior over the years. As many of you did, I have watched Jessica’s TedxTalk and binge-watched dozens of related videos of specialists and patients alike, and read testimonials on this forum… Noticing how closely I relate to thousands of strangers’ experiences is quite an uncanny feeling.
Since then, I have actively sought a diagnosis: I am meeting next week with a neuropsychologist for the first-round tests. Let’s see how it goes…
Have a nice week!


Je te souhaite le meilleur. La connaissance est la première étape. Mieux vaut déterminer «oui» ou «non». . . que de vivre dans le doute et de manquer peut-être des étapes utiles.

btw: je ne parle pas français! J’utilise Google Traduction.


Appreciated anyway! :smile:
As many users here, I keep thinking “But what if that’s not it? Would that mean I’m just dumb?”. I’m trying to keep these thoughts at bay for now. I will post the results here :slight_smile:


“Would that mean I’m just dumb?”

That is quite a journey you are starting; I ask myself that less, but it still comes up. Also, am I: A) lazy B) insane C) useless D) defective.

I have found that since I have been taling meds and actively learning to manage my ADHD, life is getting better. Sometimes it gets frustrating that I don’t get incredible results right away, but I am improving day by day.

I think and hope you will find the same thing as time goes on. I feel like I coasted through life for decades, but now I am living intentionally and considering what I want and what my family needs.

It feels pretty great. I hope the same for you.


I still ask myself if I am just lazy or dumb too. I try to keep those thoughts from happening and they happen less than they used too.

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