Hello from illinois


I am a freshmen in high school who is worrying about AP exams and a brain that doesn’t want to do work when I really really really need to get it done.



Hello Spicy!

Welcome to the Tribe! Have you been officially diagnosed or do you “just know” that you have ADHD? Either way you are welcome here.

It sounds as if you are unmedicated? If so, you can always self-medicate with things like caffeinated soda, energy drinks, coffee, etc. to help you focus (provided they still allow drinks in AP tests). They also make caffeine gum now, which could also work great if drinks are a no-no.

There are also several things you can do to help boost your concentration naturally too, though I admit my knowledge in this area is lacking. I do recommend getting plenty of sleep the night before the test and using the pomelo technique for studying. Someone also told me eat a high-protein diet because it would improve my concentration, but that’s more hearsay.

At any rate, glad you are here with us!

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I have known for quite a few years but this is the first time I am reaching out. and it’s spring break so I don’t see the need to medicate but I do.



You only take your medication when you yourself feel you ‘have to’ for school, rather than consistently as recommended by doctors…?



If I only took my meds during the work week…well, nothing at my house would get done lol

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I am not taking it because I’m on spring break and there for I feel like I will be fine and I am. My symptoms on emerge when I am in a high activity environment like school. And yes there are still some symptoms that I have to manage but they really don’t effect me right now. I’m in high school and I really hevent left the house except to by some junk food and see Captain Marvel. I highly recommend you see it it’s a great movie lots of action and good story and you find out how Furry lost his eye.



First of all - his name is Fury, he’s not a furry…:rofl::rofl:

Secondly, if your doctor told you it would be fine, no problem. I’ve just seen enough people do what you’re doing, and things not going great, especially when starting back up. Your body needs to get used to reduced levels and increased levels of dopamine, and usually a doctor has to be involved to make sure that happens safely.

Thirdly, I’m planning to go see it, haven’t had the chance yet. I’ve tried to stay clear, but still have heard both good and bad things, despite wanting to go in blind. Hopefully it’s good, though.



Also my meds effect my apetite so not taking it allows me to be able to eat when I want not rushing to eat after taking it in the morning. and sorry for spelling Fury wrong. also see it already great movie.



They affect my appetite, too. I take 2 protein shakes with me to work, one for breakfast and one for lunch. When the meds wear off in the evening, well, I get HUNGRY lol.



Hi spicy. Here is my opinion on taking and leaving medication. This from someone with 19 years experience in the practice there of.DON’T DO IT. I used to hate lets call it my structured pill personality. I love my impolsive fun loving do things noe warry later side but honestly it does more bad than good.

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