Hello from Ohio!

Hello fellow Brains!

I was recently diagnosed with Adult ADHD. I have been struggling for most of my life (37) wondering what was wrong with me. My step son(23) came across the “How to ADHD” you tube channel by chance and was wondering if he had ADHD. His therapist gave him a website to take this questionnaire to see if he was displaying any attributes. I helped him answer the questions and discovered he doesn’t have ADHD, but every single question rang true for me. I contacted my family Doctor to talk to her about it and took a Brain Train. I was almost immediately diagnosed with severe Adult ADHD. The receptionist was really kinda rude and asked me how I was even able to “Adult” with how I scored.

I am looking forward to the new found hope I have in at least knowing and the medicine and therapies to help. Happy to be here and excited to making new friends and finding and giving support.



I’m new too and all are very wonderful here. Don’t mind what the receptionist said, I also do find it very hard to “adult” as they put it, but you making it 37 years of your life, despite the severity of your ADHD tells me that you are a strong person that despite everything against them truly knows how to “adult”. Personally I couldn’t make it past twenty before my life took a nose dive and my ADHD was discovered. Plus, it is really common for people with ADHD to get hung up on what others would consider “small things”, so I hope you never feel any shame for still being upset over things others would have forgotten.

You really sound like a wonderful person and I am really excited having you here. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Welcome to you both! I also found myself diagnosed late as an adult. There are many of us kicking around the forums, so hopefully you find good support and kinship!

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DITTO on the welcomes!

Me too . . . Diagnosed 20+ years ago. I’m 73 . . . :older_man:t2:

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Thank you for the warm welcome!! T