Hello from QC! (I might need advice about jobs?)


Hello! I’m Samantha. I’m 22 years old from Quebec (being specific here in case anyone has any specific info. I can’t find much about ADHD in the workplace).

Backstory: I dropped out of high school (secondaire) at 15 (technically not legal but it was a special situation: I rarely went to school because I kept having burnouts because it demanded too much from me and nobody thought to help). I ended up seeing a social worker because of that a few months later and was referred by her to a family doctor since I didn’t have any who then referred me to a psychologist. I ended up being diagnosed in 2012 because I’d seen some character on tv with ADHD and went ‘hey I do that’, and ‘that makes total sense now’ and went to my doctor and psychologist who quickly diagnosed me saying I had it pretty extreme. And it sort of explained a whole lot. So I’ve been doing school from home ever since because I’m more in control of my schedule and it allows me to not run around when I’m not focused because I found if I try too hard it can end up truly doing me harm. (I have my meds, but I’m not a big fan of them. I do take them when I need them, but I try to be gentle with it and not increase other medical problems I have.)

Six years later and I’m being told I might be autistic too so that’s a plus, I guess.

Anyhow, I like history and I like books and I thought to myself hey I should get a job so I can buy me some more books (people laugh when I tell them I’m bad with money since I’m a Capricorn and Capricorns are supposedly very good with money). I was extremely nervous about getting a job and talked long and hard about it to my psychologist and with the pressure from my parents, I decided to go for it, but may have lied to them about how many places I ended up applying to. I also only applied to places I consider ‘safe’ (places I’m very familiar with already) and ended up getting a job at David’s Tea (if you’re not familiar, it’s a tea store where they sell loose tea, make tea to go, along with other tea related products). I was already a customer before I applied and I figured it would be an easy first job, but it ended up going very wrong. They didn’t have time to teach us how to work behind the counter where the registers are and is the area where they also make the tea and sell the ton of tea they have. They only prep’ed us for more ‘retail’ work selling the products and that was it. I ended up on sample duty which required me having to talk to people and go to them asking if they wanted to sample some tea. The employees and my boss weren’t much happy about my work there since I would rather die than go towards people and talking to them first. I ended up having a panic attack there. Fun times. They also ended up putting me behind the counter and gave me no indication as to what I was supposed to do: I didn’t know how the scale and register worked; they never taught me. I sought for help but they didn’t help me much. I ended up telling my boss I have ADHD but she didn’t seem to understand what it was and how important it was for me that she understood I needed help. It was a seasonal job and I ended up not staying after my contract ended. It was a pretty sad experience. I understand they were busy, but I just felt lost.

I kind of lost hope afterwards until I had an awful awful day where my impulsivity was off the charts and I ended up applying to a couple of stores last week. I got an interview this Sunday for Lush and I have high hopes for it, except the nerves of the first time around are kind of coming back.

I have the worst memory. For example, I know every tea the store sells and their ingredients including all their products, but once I got the job, I blanked out so hard for all my shifts. I tried keeping post it notes on me for working the register and scale, but I’d forget or lose the notes. The same thing goes for Lush, I’m a costumer already, I know all the products, I’ve tried a lot of them, but I’m afraid I’m going to not perform as well as I do when I shop in stores. I’d feel more comfortable asking for help from other employees at Lush since I’ve seen a lot of them do it in stores while I’m there and they seem a bit more loose on that matter. They also seem to look often at the list of ingredients on the products while they talk about said product. Thinking about that kind of eases the nerves, but still. I think I’d actually like to keep this job if it goes well, but I’m still worried about the load that comes with it. I barely had any shifts at David’s Tea and there was much more to do than at Lush. Maybe it’ll be a better experience.

I guess I was wondering if anyone had any tips on which kind of jobs I should apply for or what kind of help I should seek from my boss.

Thank you, and have a good day/night!


I completely understand. I regularly wonder if I am in the right career. It is high pressure, high stress, extremely regulated, and there is no room for exploration, so I feel burnt out…a lot.

Based off of the trends you have posted, I would say maybe look for a job that you can do at home. Like working for customer service online, or something like that. This way the interactions you have can be through the computer or through a phone instead of in person.


I don’t mind working in a public environment, I think. It’s just some situations they put me in and I have no control over that in retail. And since I have like no degree/diploma (even if I do take online university classes for fun) I can’t apply to most jobs I would actually find interesting since they require schooling for it.

And also maybe I’m doing my research wrong but I find it very hard to find jobs that can be done online so it’s like ah well.


Hi, Samantha!

I’m not a huge fan of interaction with lots of people either. So it’s probably odd that I’ve worked in a museum store for over 10 years.

Since you like history and books you may like working in a museum gift store or museum in general. Depending on the museum, you may come across books you wouldn’t have otherwise. And being able to talk about or recommend books you’ve actually read could make interacting with people a little easier. (Non-fiction books are a struggle for me no matter how interesting the book is. Minerals and jewelry are where I “shine.” :wink:)

Since I’m in the states I can’t offer specific leads. But museums here post most positions on their sites. There’s also workforgood.org which is a job site for non-profits in general.

Full disclosure: your pay may be lower than you’d expect even for a customer service job. Things could be different in Canada. But museum jobs here do not pay well unless you’re an executive. Museums and other tourist places here are raising pay gradually. But they’re doing this by phasing out full-time positions. Also, how well non-executive staff members are treated varies from place to place. If you find a museum you’d like to work for do some research before accepting a position.

Another place to try is a library. There’s books aplenty. And they’re quite by design. So conversations are like to be brief.

Good luck in your search. And try not worry or judge yourself. :heart:


Hi !

Wow you’re from Quebec ! My dream is to study there for my degree :slight_smile:
Good luck anyways, I do not really know how I can help you but you have all my support ^^

Soit forte !


Hello Samantha and welcome!

None of the lack of training was your fault, by the way. If anything they failed you. It doesn’t matter if they are busy, it’s literally the managers job to train new people on what to do with different aspects of the job, and they clearly didn’t do that. :roll_eyes: And that’s not on you. It sounds like you tried to ask for guidance but were ignored.

It’s been a month since you posted - so how are things going? You doing okay? :heart: Did Lush work out? Also I would talk to your doctor and keep them in the loop regarding how your ADHD still effects you so much if you aren’t already doing that. :slight_smile:


Do you want to hear a good joke the interview went WELL except at the end where you had to recommend a product in a roleplay situation and it went fine but then at the end she asked me if I wanted to try again and she hadn’t said this to any of the people in my group so I started to get worried but I also had completely forgotten what I’d just done so I said no it’s fine because in a real life situation you can’t try again anyhow right? And then I asked the lady if they still had the product I recommended that I actually like but haven’t seen around for a while and she looked at me like I was insane and refused to answer me saying ‘I have no idea what you’re talking about’ as if I was making up a product I actually bought. [At the beginning they introduced themselves, saying how long they’d been working there for and she had been working there the last time I bought the product which makes it even WORSE] I ended up having a small meltdown because the people in the group were saying ‘it’s ok you did fine’ and the lady kept acting very strangely around me after I asked the question and since I don’t have any memory of what I actually said, I kind of panicked for the rest of the day and ended up being very Mad because she had no reason to act that way and nobody even bothered explaining what was going on when I politely explained that I had forgotten and was confused as to what was happening. So obviously I didn’t get the job but it sucked (especially since the manager was very nice to me and didn’t judge me for saying I had ADHD and actually asked good positive questions about it).
But thank you for checking up?? I’d forgotten about this and it was nice getting a notification!


Oh wow! It always boggles my mind how rude people can be to other people. I can’t fathom the brain and thought process of people that are like that. :roll_eyes: Sorry to hear it was such a stressful situation! I often forget a lot of I say shortly after I say it too, so I totally feel you on that one. It’s frustrating. :sweat_smile: I’ll often get “oh that was good say that again!” and literally it’s been 15 seconds later since I said the thing and I just stareat them like “…what did I say tho???”


My mum was meeting me after the interview and she noticed I was having a meltdown so she took me to the cinema to change my mind I was so glad she did that cause I have a hard time calming down by myself (especially when I’m out) when I’m having a big meltdown. And yeah I talked to the manager about it cause she was WorriedTM but I was like it’s really fine when I blank out or forget I just ask like reach out to someone right away and it’s fine and she was like cool cool and yeah she seemed really understanding about the whole thing it’s a shame this one girl flunked me so hard


Awwww your Mom sounds lovely :heart: what did you see at the cinema? :grin:


She’s more and more understanding, it’s very nice! She has no idea what the whole ADHD thing is since I got diagnosed when I was of legal age and didn’t need her around but the more I point out things the more she’s like ‘I should have seen it coming’.

I went to see Bohemian Rhapsody! It was my sixth time seeing it but the band is kind of one of my hyperfixations so :woman_shrugging:


Sorry for the late reply I forgot this site existed! I’m assuming you’re talking about McGill? What would you like to study there?


Awwwwwww - SHE SOUNDS SO AWESOME. :heart:

Movies are hard for me. :sweat_smile: But that’s one I really wanted to see… hopefully I can see it before it goes poof. My boyfriend LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVES Queen and I love them too so it’s just like… I NEED. TO SEE IT.


Yeah well I’m glad she’s nice about it unlike my dad who says he understands I have it but then does all the things you shouldn’t do to someone with ADHD so it’s like welp

WELL I can tell you after my ELEVENTH time seeing it-- it’s very good

It depends on the movie for me there’s some I can watch in one go but some I need to watch stop and continue later I find that seeing them in cinema helps too for me at least cause there’s not much to be distracted by


Heyo !

Nah, I’ll probably go to an University from Montréal. Its cheapper and still pretty good xD

Also, I’d like to study psychology there :slight_smile: