Hello from the Mitten state

Hey from the great state of Michigan, 45 year old male diagnosed with ADHD last fall.
I am smack dab in the middle of nursing school and found the How to ADHD youtube channel about two weeks ago whilst professionally procrastinating from statistics homework.

We are currently navigating the waters of diagnosis for myself and also going through the process with our oldest kiddo who is about to turn 7. I hope so soak up some info and tap into this resource!


Hello fellow Michigander!


Welcome . . .

Your being a Michigander reminds me of the story of a goose who was so excited about finding her male soulmate. She excitedly told her mother about her new boyfriend, but the mother was skeptical and quite convinced that whoever he was, he was not the right one for her daughter. And so she said:

“My darling, you may be the proper Goose . . . But he is not the proper Ganda!


So aren’t you glad you found us! :rofl:


Sweden greets you!

Nice to have you here. I think you will find a wonderful forum with beautiful people with a knack for giving good advice.


Hello and welcome I’m so glad we have a new member of the ADHD club!!
I hope we can get to know each other and have a good time.

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Welcome fellow mitten buddy


:3 yay I’m here again