Hello from the Netherlands


Hi folks, I am Stefan, 34 of age and from the Netherlands. I found these awesome HowToADHD videos on YouTube, so I subscribed to this forums to meet other people with ADHD. I was diagnosed with ADHD (type C / combined) in January 2017 and it really changed my life and the life of my family. After a breakup with my ex-girlfriend which lasted 8 years and our son (then 1 year old), I was searching for help, I was devastated. The psychologist at that time sends me to take an ADHD test, the results; ADHD. It opened a completely new world for me, I always had the feeling I was different but it was me, I didn’t know better. After the diagnosis and the more information I read and learned about ADHD, the more I began to realize I have ADHD, and it gives me an explanation for several events that happened in my life. Now I am more accepting my ADHD and the advantages of having ADHD. It’s been a rough time for me, however, it’s getting better “ADHD Superpower” right!? Cya around.


Hi Stefan! Welcome to the tribe.

Your story is similar to my own. Similar to many other people’s too.

I found out about ADHD after my marriage fell apart. I’d never suspected I had ADHD, but I knew there was something going on which had seriously slowed me down, and made life impossible. The things that other people found easy, I failed at. So I just believed that I was lazy and stupid.

You’re far from being the only one. So have fun reading all the posts, and learning more about your superpowers.


Welcome Stefan, you’ve come to the right place!


Thank you for your message. Glad to join the tribe :slight_smile: there is some very useful information on this forum, for me it also helps to accept ADHD.


Hi Stefan! I’m new here as well, and also from the Netherlands. And like you I was also only diagnosed when I was adult (21 in my case). This channel is indeed very helpful! :smiley:


Hello Stefan! Welcome!

Yessss! Finding the strengths within ADHD I feel is so important, or, at least, learning to accept it! I love having certain aspects of ADHD, it can totally be a superpower… when it cooperates. And I try to be gentler on myself when I’m having a super bad day where nothing seems to be positive. :heart: And isn’t it crazy how much ADHD can explain past events?! I still come up with moments of “oh … OH THAT WAS ADHD?!” when I rehash my past!


It’s a superpower! #hellofromthenetherlandstoo


Hello Stefan and the rest of you all;-)

My name is Will I’m 43 and also from the Netherlands, I’ve been diagnosed at the age of…39
Always thinking I was different than the rest, in classrooms I’ve been put outside because I keep everybody from their work. Impulsive, loud at times, extreme and keep going and going. Many things are hard to accomplish. I’m not a agressive type but always try to help others and keep forgetting my own limits and time…therefore I needed to work hard to make things done at night etc. etc. At this moment, it’s been a very hard and mean time the last time I am really tired and sometimes I think that I am on a destructive mode…I must slow down but for now it’s no option…Normally full of energy and with some songs I keep straight but what would I really like to rest some times…

I’m thankful for that I now know that I have ADHD, if you know your weakness than you can make it your strenghts…(Yeahhh right, not in that way, but I try to fixed things in other ways to get it done;-)

For all of you, take care and hopefully we can build a nice and warm chat area around here.

Many thanks for “How to ADHD” I really like the channel