Hello from the South of US.


Hey, it’s that time of year when we all get hormone-like vitamin D deprived for lack of sunlight-which can start depressive feelings, consider supplementing or checking your D levels. So this is my first posting. Been following for a great long time, and really got a charge out of the youtube stuff. This whole environment/data stream is a bit new and odd to me. I’ve paid for it for many months, but only recently got into this chat facility. I’m 52, with two dogs out in the rural hills of the South. Been ADHD certified since right after graduation from my second degree (1998)–a degree I have no use for. Took 14 years to get those two degrees! So I’ve struggled all my life to find a meaningful and rewarding work situation. Got married at 39, that lasted shorter than the courtship, but it was fun (mostly) having kids for a bit-even steps, and I’m yet in touch with one. Ripppp the needle across the record…I’m just looking for a good accountability partner or two so maybe we can find that great WIN/WIN fun/competitive way of keeping our minds focused a little bit better…

The above was clipped from my discord posting.

So here I am in forum form. I had some more profound wonderfulness to add, but forgot what exactly that was.

Lunch time!


PS I’m a whole-plant-food type now and it has really helped everything to do with my health, but the mental part. Maybe it has helped that. Hard for me to tell. I gave up Rx drugs within a few years of getting diagnosed. I take nothing regularly: Rx or OTC at all anymore (since changing my diet–eliminating the need for digestive aids or pain relievers or sinus).

I’m here to meet folks that can help me keep some focus, directly or by inspiration/motivation, and hope that I can do the same for others.

I’m trying to build a career and a cabin in the woods at the same time.



Wow this place is kinda slow and the chat thing is wide open.

No middle lane for cruisin’ easy. Well, I’ll keep checking back. But today I’m trying to be a responsible adult, so adios for now.


It’s been a bit slow on the forums all this week. not sure why. I’m with you, the discord chat is too fast and/or I don’t check it frequently enough to be easy to use.


Thanks for a reply.

Not seeing any traffic (much), I didn’t want to be the weirdo who went around and said hello to everyone all at once. The chat different for sure. Not really good at it or being in the right place. Of course one on one is totally different.

Have a great weekend.