Hello I am new here! I am known as Knightlight.

So basically… I’m 12 I was diagnosed with adhd in 2nd grade, I never knew people that were like me so it’s nice to meet people like me! I’m more than happy to be friends with any of you just please… be a true friend. I’m not okay with fake friends. That is all for now! Nice to meet you! ^w^


Welcome, glad to have you on board!

We are all unique and yet all the same!

ADHD is the glue that holds us together . . .

You are 12 and I am 74 . . . And yet we are peers . . .

Your sensitivity and understanding, for someone your age is refreshing. More important however, is how your wisdom will serve you well as you go through life!



Hello, Knightlight. Welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

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Hi! I’m probably the closest to your age here. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m 18. I got diagnosed a few months ago, so I’m learning how to handle “adult ADHD” which is honestly the same as “kid ADHD” except you’re the adult in the situation and almost have to parent yourself.


You got that right . . . I’m 74. Got diagnosed 20 yrs. ago. I should have suspected though, my 44 y.o. son was diagnosed when 4 years old. And my granddaughter, his 13 y.o. child, is a :brain: (ADHD) too . . . diagnosed 2 yrs. ago.

The sooner one is diagnosed the better. Though I did well in school, and went on to complete a Master’s degree . . . (48 yrs. ago) I did not really understand why my life seemed chaotic, my self-confidence low, my anxiety high (and ever present) and why I thought that I was a “fraud” (I just fooled people in thinking I was really smart) . . .

After learning that I was truly a :brain: . . . I said to my wife: “Now I think I know why my life has been so difficult” . . . and thought to myself, “So maybe I’m not a fraud after all!”

Best of luck with your journey through life . . .



This is exactly my life right now. And even though after getting diagnosed, I came to know it’s not entirely my fault, I still think of myself as a fraud and I still lack confidence. But if you could get through life for so long, maybe even I can. Thank you for inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:


I can never emphasize this enough. People my age often are hesitant to get diagnosed for multiple reasons, but the sooner you get diagnosed, the sooner you get help.


Glad to be apart of the Adhd gang!

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Welcome Jurnee ! Everyone of us has a connection, I think nearly everyone here has ADHD.

People say 10% of the population has ADHD.

Personally, I think the figure is about 5%.

Assuming the population of the USA is 332 million people & 10% of the population has ADHD, it would be around 33.2million in the USA , a lot of people have ADHD, the figure is bigger than the population of some countries.

It is very common. It is likely to be as common as dyslexia, if the 10% figure for ADHD is true !

Lots of people are undiagnosed, or diagnosed later in life, for various reasons.

I think you are lucky it was picked up early , better for getting treatment, accommodations , getting the best out of my life,

Good luck with your future endeavours !

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Absolutely you can!

A few thoughts . . .

Don’t allow a “bad yesterday” cast a shadow over a “great today”!

A person with ADHD typically rides upon stormy seas . . . i.e. ERRATIC PERFORMANCE!

Let history stay in the past . . . and give yourself a blank slate to write today’s story!



Ohhh I see. It’s harder for me kind of since basically girls are not diagnoised as much as boys so honestly I don’t see much girls with Adhd. Or people with Adhd at all really. So it’s great to meet you and everyone here!


It’s really frustrating how girls are more likely to be brushed off than guys. And yeah, I didn’t really meet anyone with ADHD until college, because… well, I was homeschooled, and then I suppose the people I did meet didn’t talk about it even if they did have it.

But yeah, nice to meet you! It’s always fun to talk to other brains.

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