Hello! :) I am Vaderyale94, Nurse to be and an ADHD Brain!

Hello people of the How to ADHD forum!: )
I am Vaderyale94, a 25 year old girl, that grew up in germany and was raised by polish parents! :slight_smile:
My ADHD diagnosis is for me still quite new and I try to do the best out of it.
I have the diagnosis since August 2019! :slight_smile:

I am studying to be a nurse in a big clinic, but it has been rough, and still is. My Exams will be in about 5 months. I just want to pass my exam without doing anything stupid…

Skilling is my best friend right now xD
Anyway, i think that is enough for now!
If you want to know more, just write me or answer me, would love to engage here more! :slight_smile:


Welcome! I think of us here as one big, diverse “family” . . . Kind to each other. Here for each other. Don’t be shy!


thank you so much for saying this!!!
Yeah family…
I had a a fight with my dad tonight… :frowning: he says i use adhd as an excuse, even though i try to use it as an explaination!

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Excuse? Explanation?

I can relate to this . . . Even though I am a bit (:wink:) older than you. I have 2 adult children, 37 y.o. daughter & 42 y.o. son who has 2 daughters (8 & 11). I have ADHD, my son has ADHD, and his older daughter has ADHD.

I’ve been married 46 years (to the same woman). We have a solid marriage and are throughly there for each other. However, at times we have different opinions as to what is ADHD behavior (i.e. impulsive, difficult to control) versus deliberate, conscious behavior that I could control . . . if only I wanted to. At times I get confused myself. When I am anxious, tired, and/or frustrated, I am more likely to get annoyed (“angry” my wife would say). Furthermore, once I get annoyed / angry I get “stuck” and it is hard to cool off and have a calm, polite discussion with my wife.

It is tricky business. But I know, and to some extent my wife agrees, that ADHD is the basis for some of my reactions and behaviors. The executive control center of a typical ADHD brain is different than a “normal” brain. Not enough energy to maintain control when overloaded, taxed, challenged.

Those who experience ADHD, live with ADHD, struggle with ADHD, or live with someone with ADHD . . . We all need to keep open the lines of communication! It can be tiring, but is better than giving up. Quite honestly, over the years of my marriage, there have been a few times when my wife said that she was not sure she could or wanted to keep co-habinating. There are NO EASY ANSWERS (once the name of a book about ADHD or Learning disabilities or general mental health . . . Frankly I do not recall exactly after many years).

Think I’ll stop here. Maybe something I’ve said could be helpful . . .

In any event, glad to chat!



it really did!!! thank you sooo much! :slight_smile:
my dad is 74 and my mom is 69.
my family (my parents) came from poland to germany in over 25 years ago.
my parents are divorced and they always fought.
and my mum says i have everything from my dad. he says i have it from my mom or my sister ( i have a huge patch work family).
so it is super complicated.
i believe in the maths of it all. my parents just did what they could raising me (actually not raising me, but like dragging me like a wet teddybear behind them) through life, because they couldnt do anything else. because they had to deal with so much.
but they dont understand why i got depressions or why now i have this diagnosis. they dont believe in such illness. :confused:

anyway sorry!
i hope you understand!
thank you!
ps: insomnia is killing me right now, because of that fight. at least i skilled and produced something for a competition :slight_smile:


can anyone help me with the situation that my boyfriend is going into surgery tomorrow. it is a small one, but kinda big as well. he is getting implants into his mouth :smiley:

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