Hello! I would like to make my introduction

It’s almost the year 2021, we all have had a hard time in many ways. I am an ADHD brain diagnosed when I was a little kid. Both inattentive and hyperactive. I have been struggling for a while. Everyone says I think too much or I am just not making sense. I am newly back on medication after a transformative year being off it.

Right now I am looking for new friends I can relate to with ADHD. I enjoy stories. I like movies. I read.
I suffer from anxiety and that has given me some difficulties.
I am all over the place right now and I feel so alienated.

I am failing school completely right now. It is as if I cannot get any work turned in at all. I am just frozen and I cannot do anything. Not my schoolwork, nothing even though I’ve proved capable before.

I am here to make friends though :wink: so reach out, don’t hesitate. I want to make friends with fellow ADHDers

I’m just scared being in my own head. So maybe I would like to be open and active in a community like this one.

So Nice to meet you all


If you are willing to use discord we have a discord (not associated with Jessica) for the ADHD and Autism Communities so you can go there and make tons of friends and you can ask for advice, vent etc.

I am actually going to zoom each of my teachers today and talk to them about my ADHD because the special ed teacher knows and the principle knows and 1 of my teachers that does know because they have undiagnosed ADD I told them already and they have been helping out by making sure I am understanding everything and that she is not going to fast for me. Maybe talk to a school counselor or someone who can help you out in the school and maybe any well-trusted friends who want to give you accountability.

There is a 365-day journal activity going on and if you want feel free to join!! 365 A Daily Journal Reflection We turn no one down so feel free to hop in!

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Yayyy what’s the discord?