Hello! I'm known as Water

Hey fellow brains!

I go by Water online, and I have recently uhh… I guess you’d say “re-diagnosed” with ADHD. I was diagnosed as a child, but quickly afterwards my home life got messy, stressful, and confusing, so I had diminishing returns on my medication, especially with no one able to help me monitor my behavior. I ended up overmedicated on Intuniv (highest possible dose at the age of 13) and when I forgot my medication one day, a family member decided between my improvement in mood and my hyperfocus, I could not POSSIBLY have ADHD and weaned me off of my medication. I am grateful she weaned me off of my high dose, but nowadays I’m frustrated that we discarded my diagnosis so carelessly.

We noticed troubles again in my sophomore year of college, but the screening test available at the school did not pick up my ADHD. I switched my major to psychology and have been super glad that I did! I’m very passionate about it and have found a lot of success, but it was through sheer force of will and interest while I struggled to manage my time. My problems multiplied once I graduated college this past December and my significant other moved out to start his career and then I broke up with him over other issues. So in a short amount of time I stripped away ALL of the structure that existed in my life! :+1: Great idea, right, brains?

I was interviewing for graduate school positions this spring so it hadn’t become something we noticed really until the summer when I entered therapy to address all of my stress from everything changing and not making it into grad school and starting a new job. My therapist suggested after a few sessions that I might have ADHD and I vehemently disagreed. He suggested it again after a few weeks, citing my poor track record with cars. I still disagreed strongly, but I went and did research and found the How To ADHD channel as well as comics from ADHD Alien and they really resonated with me. The more I looked into it, the more they fit. My therapist and I got me an appointment with a psychiatrist, I requested all of my old neurology records from my childhood, and the psychiatrist read those and listened to me for an hour and agreed and I’ve now been on medication for 5 weeks. It’s helping a lot! I’m still trying to find my strategies and balance and find a correct dosage, but I’m a lot better than I was.

I decided to join this forum and talk with fellow brains and just kind of. Be in touch! How To ADHD and ADHD Alien and other great creators I found through twitter have really helped me remove the shame from my diagnosis and treat myself with compassion. I’d like to be a part of that in some way. :slight_smile:

So. I’m happy to be here! It’s nice to have a tribe and to not be so alone. :slight_smile:


Hi Water! I’m Hannah and you can call me Keep_my_spleen if you prefer :slight_smile:

I’m a freshman in college and was diagnosed this year, thanks to my college’s counseling services (I was taken out of private school due to a lack of interest in helping with my issues as a kid, and homeschooled until 16 ((which, of course, only smothered over my symptoms until college))). ANYWAY . . .

I’m also a Psych major! My core major is music therapy but my secondary one is psych. My goal is to work with kids with disabilities like mine.

Also, thanks for recommending the ADHD Alien! I just looked up their website and I’ve seen the comics around, but never found the OG source.


Hey Hannah! Thanks for replying! :smiley:

I LOVE Pina’s work on ADHD Alien! They’re so relatable and give me such RELIEF! :smiley:

Oh nice! If I were more invested in music, I’d probably love to study music therapy. I fall apart on the jargon though and struggle to read sheet music though :sweat_smile:

I’m trying to get into doctoral programs currently and research positive psychology constructs, such as mindfulness, self-compassion, hope, gratitude, etc. and it’s definitely because those ideas helped me improve a lot too! I want people to be able to learn these skills BEFORE they face poor mental health issues. If I research them enough and figure out how we can make them more accessible and teachable, integrate them into daily lives, then maybe things like depression and anxiety that result from ADHD struggles can be prevented!


Oh my, yes! I love the way Pina approaches the ADHD Denial thing – her graphic/cartoon seems to come from such a gentle place (I’ve seen a lot of yelling and name-calling when people don’t believe ADHD exists).

Honestly, I’m a little biased but I think MT is the best thing in the universe… haha.

And that’s so cool! I love the idea of helping people start a mental health toolbox before they need it. :orange_heart: I want to do that, but for kids, so they don’t get to college and fail the first time like me. :sweat_smile: HA.

Edit to add: I also joined today! Welcome to the community… I joined this morning! Hahaha (it’s evening here now).


Neat stuff! :smiley: I’d hope my research will eventually transfer to kids, but I find I lose patience a lot with them in professional environments so I’ve moved away from that personally. They don’t hold my attention for some reason unless they’re related to me. I could watch my niece and nephews all day but I don’t ever wanna be a camp counselor again haha.

But anyway. Point is. Yay for chasing dreams and paying it forward! Hope your school year is going well for you so far!

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Adults are that way for me. I click with the special needs kids I work/have worked with. I’ve experience teaching music to children with ASD/autism, and I worked as a behavior tech for a time. I LOVED IT, and it helped spark my journey to finding my diagnosis. I just feel so at home in that setting, where I’m not expected to be anything . . . all of my mom’s warnings about acting ladylike/normal/proper go out the window and I get to be in all my neurodivergent “weirdness”.

I hope whatever venture you’re pursuing (I’ve forgotten already- grad school applications perhaps?) is going well for you as well!!


I teach public school music for cps. Kiddos are under diagnosed here. The challenges I see with students is the challenges that adults talk to me about in group. It’s too bad that some people have to wait until they are grown and out of the house…

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welcome H2o /water ! i just just cant see how any 1 could go collage with adhd i hated school i worked very hard for those d s on my report card!

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