Hello, I'm Manu 25. Preparing for diagnosis.



Hello everyone, I am Manoj (manu) 25 years old. Finally so happy on discovering my tribe. Absolutely devastated at my mental condition for a long period of about 15 years. I recognized my problem (attention deficit) when I was 10 years old and all these years were just a trash until that day (March, 2018) I have discovered about the mental condition ADHD and I thought Hyper activeness as God’s gift and I regularly pray god for it during my academics, sports, cognitive flexbility or a girl I liked. ADHD Situations a year ago in my life have aroused anxiety, depression and utmost the ADHD suffering to extreme level.
I am an Engineering student (Computer Control Engineering - AI and Bio-Medical Engineering aspirant) from a University in Sydney, Australia. I discovered about my mental health condition, while I was researching on one of my ideas in technological field. “Sound waves curing mentally disabled patients”. I was just more than happy and excited to know that I found my problem and there is a possible solution that would/might help me out.
Somewhere I strongly believed that I have to utilize my brain to maximum and practical implementation of my thoughts which are definitely possible. I have been severely struggling to work as my projects demands long term data sets (let it be EMG muscle, EEG brain, ECG heart rate). This requires high motivations, discipline and commitment. I was successful for about 1-2 months managing them and then our hero is back ADHD. Now, I am living the aftermath playground (attention deficit). I have decided to get diagnosis and much efficient research on my mental health and help others vice-versa. So, happy to meet you all :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Welcom to the tribe!


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Welcome Manoj!

I’m glad you found your path. Realizing, diagnosis, and starting treatment was such a positive force in my life. I’m always happy for people when they are at that point.

Bio-Medical Engineering seems like a really cool field. Those data sets can be tough. I know it more from the research and statistics end. Having to input really long sets of data can be difficult for me. The things that are difficult for other people: the math, understanding the concepts, etc, was always easy. But keeping my attention when inputting data into a spreadsheet is TORTURE. It takes an incredible amount of concentration for me to not miss something and I have to constantly recheck my work.


Hi Tara

Thanks for your post.
I’m glad that you are in research too. We must be going through similar difficulties in our lives. You were absolutely rite, others take time or never understand concepts and math as we enjoy. I feel very happy and then over whelmed the other day, attention deficit in form of diversion that lets me procrastinate.
In fact, I have to train the data and test with using machine learning methods. Data must be extremely(emg) high for better results. I’ll have to collect data at gym. Managing diet, workplace and academics besides gym project was one such toughest part of my life and of course I was very much inspired and motivated. Until that one week let me away from gym because of my other academic assignments. I was really unhappy about it and I’m suffering now.


Hello Manu and welcome!

Welcome to the forums! I hope that whatever treatment you feel is best for you helps you out and makes a positive change in your life! Struggling is never fun, but good on you for looking into educating yourself and looking towards the aforementioned treatment possibilities!

I GOT HERE EVENTUALLY. -breathes heavy as if she ran a marathon- :joy: :heart:


That’s how we do it, breathe heavy :smiley:

Thank you @HarleyKyn