Hello? Is this thing on?



Hey y’all! My name is Jackie!

I’ve… never much enjoyed participating in forums. I mainly use them to help me fix computer problems by just browsing existing ones. It’s a surprisingly effective and common way to behave for a certified computer repair expert like myself without needing to remember absolutely everything the certification exam calls for! It was still very annoying to take the test without the internet though, but I still passed!

Um, right, I guess I’m here reaching out a little more than I normally do because I’ve hit a bit of a roadblock and my ADHD is part of the problem. I’ve been diagnosed for most all my life (i’m in my late 20’s) & been on and off medications (currently on) with varying degrees of success, but mainly I’m very overwhelmed and trying not to shutdown, especially since we in the US just witnessed how bad that is for all involved, lol. But in all seriousness, ever since my best friend passed away almost 4 years ago I haven’t had anyone in my life capable of understanding my difficulties and helping me through them effectively. I was initially manic-depressive, overweight, jobless, and homeless but now, today, I’ve lost 100lb to be under 200, have skills + job opportunities, and an apartment with a therapy cat! But still no friends that I haven’t had to ease into my quirks with explanation time and again that were willing or able to offer the time and support I think I need at this stage in my life. Reading back on this it seems obvious im a little all over the place with no clear definition in mind as to what im talking about clearly, but mainly my point is I hope I can connect and get to know others like me through here that I can come to if I’m having trouble keeping myself off the street for whatever issue crops up that I dont have the experience, or the unique qualities of the issue isn’t covered in normal texts, or patience/time to read the books for dealing with said issue. Maybe make a few new friends too.

Now, poke me if you want to get in touch! I’m going to go get distracted in the middle of a conversation with people about how ADHD doesn’t mean I’ll get distrac…

…is that squirrel wearing a tiny firemen hat?

(if I can’t joke about myself then how could anyone not take me seriously? :stuck_out_tongue: )


Hey Jackie! Welcome to the tribe.

Personally, I was pretty bummed out when Microsoft got rid of the old “F1” off-line help, which worked really well. In the early days of PC, I could fake being an expert, just by searching the F1 Help. "Oh Simon, you’re so good with computers… I could never have done that! ". It was nothing, really.

Nowadays, I only ever use the Microsoft online help, system restore, diagnostics etc. if I want to waste time while I procrastinate, or to shift focus from frustration to anger at Microsoft’s stupidity in all things. But that game is WAY too easy to play. Just a comfort zone.

I do the same thing. I’ll Google an error mesage for example, and the answer invariably comes up on a forum. Unfortunately, quite often, the answer will only apply to a previous version of Windows, and Microsoft has decided to reinvent the wheel again, for no apparent purpose other than to make sure that all previous solutions to a problem will now fail.

How do you mean? I’m curious… Not being in the US and all… I’m Australian.

Now you do. And you can’t underestimate the value of “therapy cat” either.

Not at all. It seems pretty obvious to me what you are saying, and you’ve said it.

You are having trouble finding the strength to support yourself. After all, there is nobody else who will help, you have to be self-reliant in this world. But it’s so hard, and you don’t have the faith in yourself to trust that you will have enough strength to get through.

Asking for help is absolutely fine here, encouraged, even helpful for others who come after you and read your posts. You are in the right place. You are not the outsider here, and nobody will ever treat you as if you are stupid or lazy, or just trying to be a pain.

We are all in the same boat here, whether it’s sinking or riding high on the waves.

And yes. You distracted me.

Hot, voluptuous alien painted blue, gazing longingly at Captain Kirk: “Tell me about this Earth emotion… That you call… Love.”
Captain Kirk: “Is that a squirrel with a fireman’s hat?”

By the way… Nobody else needs to take you seriously, if you take yourself seriously. Have faith in yourself. You got this far all alone, right? Other people’s impressions of you are secondary to your own faith in yourself, and often largely irrelevant.

Of course, that’s easy to say without emotional dysregulation from the ADHD… But worth saying anyway.