Hello, just a brain trying to find fellow brains

I’m Anna I got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 7 and am now 15. I live in a small town in PA. I feel very passionate about ADHD, but have only met one fellow brain in my life. I was held back in kindergarten because of my undiagnosed ADHD. I use too go to the nurse every day to get out of class. Then in first grade I got diagnosed and started methylphenidate. It caused appetite suppressant, drowsiness, and insomnia; but my teacher said it was like a light switch turned on. I took that up until this year I started Journey PM. I sill have slight appetite suppressant tho. Any one have any tips for eating?

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Welcome, Anna!

I haven’t had the appetite suppression that you describe, but I might suggest some of the following tips to help with eating:

  • Eat a little something before you take your medicine, or take your medicine with a small meal/snack
  • Schedule reminders in your phone throughout the day to have a little snack; if you’re not hungry, it can be something simple like a Nutrigrain bar, Pop-Tart, a few grapes, or even some snack food like chips or Popcorn
  • Make sure you have access to food when you need it; this might mean packing little snacks for your day, or making sure you have food located in multiple places around your home
  • Try to develop a routine; maybe make sure you have a meal every day at 4 or 5 PM and stick to that as much as possible so you get used to eating
  • Plan to eat fun things that you enjoy, not just things that are available or that you don’t necessarily like
  • Stay hydrated; this may not help with appetite, but if you’re not eating it’s also likely that you’re not drinking and your body needs water
  • Try to do physical activities that might work up an appetite
  • Make sure to eat meals in the evening after your medicine wears off, even if that means having a later dinner

Worst case scenario there are other medications to try or medications that you can take in addition to the stimulant to promote appetite. In general, the small behavioral changes you can make with routine and planning seem to be the most helpful.

Good luck and welcome!

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I’ve taken amphetamine based medications, which tend to have a strong appetite suppressant effect, although i’m not sure if it’s caused by the same mechanisms as methylphenidate but nonetheless

Bland foods are honestly a very easy way to eat, foods that have a strong flavor a taste I find repulsive on stimulants even if its a food a like.

But bland foods seem to be good, things like rice crispy treats, yogurts, go gurts, yogurt covered raisins, some protein bars, milk, anything that doesn’t have a strong taste to it, seems to be great. Water ice and ice cream, or frozen yogurt, some fruits as well like bananas.

A lot of nuts I find easy to eat as well as dry fruit, like trail mixes and stuff.


Things of high protein are also great, steak, chicken for me usually taste a lot worse on medication so I don’t recommend it.

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