Hello!!! Looking for any advice you can give for a College Student!


I am currently a student studying Medical Laboratory Science in the amazing state of Michigan. I just finished my semester and passed by the skin of my teeth. I am going into clinicals’ in January and need some advice. These clinical’s are going to be intense and I’m gonna need help. I was diagnoses about a year ago and have been taking medications ever sense. My meds have done as much as they can do and now its up to me to figure out my brain. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much and I look forward to our future convorsations!


I look forward to seeing what others say.

I’ve found organization videos and those on being productive very helpful. I use a bullet journal and self care is really important. If I can keep all those things happening well then life is much less stressful.

I also recommend a book by Dana Raeburn on house keeping which has lots of organizational tips in it. I found it before I had adhd and it was part of my beginning to consider that was probably what made me and my family unique.

In preparation for your clinical rounds, it might be worth doing a round with an adhd coach. Many have group coaching such as Casey Dixon or Jacqueline Sinfeld.

It might also be worth planning your meals and shopping so you can ensure you can eat well and have good nutrition to look after yourself during such a busy time.

I should take some of my own advice!

Good luck with it all!!


Thank you so much!! I will definitely incorporate this in to my upcoming crazy life!!


Hello Becky and welcome!

Congratulations on finishing the semester! Even if it was passed by the skin of your teeth. :heart: Good luck with clinicals! I’m not in the field so I can’t offer much help, but if you feel like you need more advice feel free to hit up #toolbox for it. :slight_smile: And of course we will always be here to encourage you too!


Thank you!!


What worked for me best, in full retrospect as we knew nothing of ADHD when I was in school, was when I had a buddy/pal/friend of similar intelligence and we’d make “best grade” or test score a challenge between us.

I suffered miserably to complete my degrees, and now don’t use them. But when I had an engaging professor or subject, I’d get high marks. Nothing is harder than studying uninteresting subject matter for an uninspiring instructor. But it has to be done. Look beyond the instructors when necessary for inspiration/focus is my advice. best of luck.