Hello, looking to learn about ADHD and get recommendations for a diagnosis in France


Hello lovely brains, I am here because I fail at being normal. Jessica McCabe’s TED Talk really struck a cord because at my age (30 youhou), I just can’t understand why I can’t keep it together. After depression, anxiety, burn outs and breakdowns, losing jobs, the few friends I had and most recently, my partner, I just don’t understand what is wrong with me. Why so lazy, messy, disorganized, emotional, impulsive? Why do I procrastinate so much, why am I unable to finish a project ? Why don’t I listen, why can’t I focus on a conversation? Why do I lose my keys every morning and risk getting late to work ? Why do I crash after work yet can’t sleep at night ? The list goes on. Maybe I am just a simple misfit. But when I read some of the posts on this forum, I am shocked to read about similar experiences to mine, things I just took for granted as “well, that’s me. get over it. push harder”. I really want to learn about ADHD, and if anyone has any recommendations for France, any intel, any association, website, etc. I would be delighted ! Thank you and can’t wait to meet and talk to you :smile: :sunny:



Hi Melissa, welcome to the tribe!

While I can’t give you any advice specific to France, I can say that you are in the right place here.

Everything you’ve written sounds absolutely similar to my own experiences. And, as you’ve already noticed, to many other people’s as well.

Nice to meet you! :sunny:

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Hi Melissa!

Welcome! Yeah, your experiences sound familiar, hehe. Sadly, I’m not from France, so can’t really help much, but maybe @Marcelle_Larue or this post:

can help? Hope you can get the help you need ASAP!:blush:

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Thank you! Yeah it seems like it s an arduous process. I m afraid of fighting against prejudices and ancient institutions. France seems a bit old school for adhd



Oh, a lot of places are old-fashioned when it comes to adult ADHD, sadly…:sweat_smile::cold_sweat:

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