Hello, my name is Steve (Newly Diagnosed ADHD @ 50 y/o)


I have recently been diagnosed with ADHD (inattentive-type) with a side of anxiety.

Even though I could always tell that something was different about me (still believing that I was specially made by God), I’ve lived most of my life under a black cloud without quite being able to put my finger on what was “off”. I did well in elementary school, but things started to fall apart around junior high, while others, as well as myself, believed it was mostly due to my parents’ divorce. From there, I was pretty much left to my own devices, dropping out of high school my junior year and winging it from there.

By the grace of God I was delivered from IV meth & cocaine addiction on 11/20/1988 and have been clean ever since (last Tuesday was 30 year anniversary!). Fast forwarding through several details and several years later to the beginning of 2017, I started suspecting ADHD (researching online).

After a life-long bout with chronic procrastination, disorganization, perfectionism, impatience, ultra-negativity, rabbit-chasing, forgetfulness, indecisiveness, nonproductive hyper-focus, and good intentions with multiple incompletions (just to name a few), it wasn’t until the intense emotional aspect of it - brought on by a long, hellish season of family relational crises - that I finally realized & sought out an official diagnosis. Although my ADHD nearly tore my marriage apart, I am fortunate enough to say that my wife of 18 years is still by my side, patient and gracious enough to support me, while my daughter and I continually make her head spin with what we see as “normal” - at least, the only normal we understand (actually…what is normal?).

Currently, I am not taking medication, but I am looking into possibly restarting meds soon. This is one of my biggest quandaries, and I hope to have an opportunity to address this in this forum very soon. There are a few other issues, but this is one of my biggest (biggest next step).

I am very grateful for the How to ADHD family (creators, admin, & fellow forum participants) and I hope to connect & share, as we walk this adventurous journey together.


Hi. I was diagnosed in my early 40s. I like your “life-long bout” list–that sums it up for me too! :rofl:

I tried Ritalin and at first, the results were amazing. I still remember the absolute transformation. It calmed me down so much and stopped my brain from being in a constant rush, which eliminated my irritability/impatience and greatly helped my communications with other people (my kids were little at that time). It even helped me sleep at night. Unfortunately, I grew completely tolerant to the effects in just a few weeks. This doesn’t happen to most people. I suppose your past addiction could affect how you would respond, but I don’t know anything about that.

After that experience with Ritalin (a few years later) I tried Wellbutrin (buproprion, I think) and it helped some, but increased my anxiety way too much. Now I am 53 and due to circumstances, I may be trying medication again.


Thanks for sharing #Anjikun.

I hate to hear how you became tolerant to the affects of Ritalin in only a few weeks after starting meds, & I hope you are able find a good fit soon.

My first medication experience was generic Adderall (IR), and it was also amazing how well it seemed to calm me down, helped me focus, and seemed to help a great deal in regulating emotions (allowing me to think twice before reacting with my usual overwhelming frustration). After a personal concern, I discontinued taking it and my doctor had me try methylphenidate (generic Ritalin). I only took it a few days before discontinuing (this happened several months ago), but am now about to try it out again.

I know this probably sounds confusing, but I plan to explain things better, this weekend, while starting a new topic - thinking that it may suit things better.

Even though I prefer things simple, it always seems like my situations are usually strange/unique, thus the username SimplyComplicated.


Sorry…I messed up when replying to your post @Anjikun (correcting #anjikun). Now I know why the autofill didn’t work in my original reply (I guess I can blame that on ADHD :grin:).


Hello SimplyComplicated (LOVE the username) and welcome!

Firstly congratulations on 30 years!! :tada: I am happy to hear that your wife is still there to help and support you along the way. :heart: Having love and support and patience is so incredibly important and I’m glad you have that! I hope the forums and continue helping and giving you a space where you can feel understood, and a place you can turn to if you ever need help, encouragement, or even people to rave with you if you’re excited about something! (We soooooo get obsessing over new things. :wink:)


Thank you, @HarleyKyn! And, cool deal…I got the Waving Bear!

I hope and plan to participate a great deal in the HTADHD forum (what a huge blessing of Brains & Hearts). Only thing, I need to first learn to quit over-thinking everything and just do it. I want to start a new Topic concerning “Analysis Paralysis”. I believe I have enough life experience to write a book on the subject, if I could just get started… :anguished:

There’s always tomorrow… :wink:


Bahahaha you’ll get there! I over-think a ton, as well. Overthinking is half the reason I’m late to welcoming people. “What if I say too much - what if I don’t say enough? What if they feel it’s canned and not personal? WHAT IF–”

And how about you start it with what analysis paralysis is?? :grin: Cause I’ve never heard that before but it’s got me interested! :smiley: