Hello my people :)

Hey there everyone, my name is Dimitris , I am from Greece, 41 years old male with a crazy brain :smiley:

From the age of 8 I was already programming and composing my own electronic music. Hyperactive as hell, I was basically running around all the time, with so much energy I felt like exploding. Unlike some people I always knew I have ADHD , thing got so bad at the same age my mother took me to psychologist where she diagnosed me “kid is normal , he is just a bit hyperactive”. ADHD was not a thing back then.

Always did great with the things I loved but I could rarely focus on the more than a couple of hours per day if I was lucky. Fast forward got my Lawyer bachelor and Master in UK, came back to practice Law , it was a disaster. ADHD ruined my life by being unabled to focus, lost my friend, stopped having relationships, gave up working, went to depression and started having anxiety attacks.

Went to psychiatrist, he diagnosed me with ADHD although here in Greece is called “Focus disruption” which frankly I find it much more appropriate as term and dysthymia. Dysthymia for those that dont know is a disorder where you lose all motivation to do anything. In short its complicated. I dont have all the signs of ADHD , for example my memory is actually very good, I dont have problems sleeping, I dont leave things at last second and usually I dont have problem with being on time unless I take it easy. But starting things is a huge no go and getting distracted is ridiculously easy. My brain is in turbo mode all the time etc.

Unfortunately drugs did not help (Concerta, Zanax and Welbutrin) and I had to give up psychotherapy which fortunately did help a bit, I started trying to deal with this problem 5 years ago and from my progress I will need probably another 10. I had to stop my weekly sessions with my doctor because of the lockdown so I have been drug free for 3 months now, I have seen some slight deteration but nothing substantial to urge the need to go back to the drugs and psychotherapy. Generally I have improved and continue to improve , I have found that managing my anxiety and perfectionism is key to helping my brain cool down and focus.

Currently I am trying to go back to what I love, I have been working on a game development tool project based on Blender the free open source 3d application, for the past 2 years , it allows me to utilise all my big interests, coding, 3d graphics and making electronic music. It has its up and downs with month of working hard and months of not working at all but I am slowly getting there.

So I am in the same boat as you guys, I am an optimistic so I thought its a good idea to join the tribe to help people and be helped. Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Yassas Dimitris, welcome to the forum.
It sounds like you are doing okay, it’s good to read that you are improving your life and have a lot of interests.
One question, do you consider that the diagnoses are accurate for you? I am not a doctor and I’m not stating any opinion myself, but it sounds like you may have some doubts.


Yes I am textbook case for ADHD mainly because I was always super hyperactive with severe attention issues. I have zero doubts. I have been in therapy for almost 5 years so I had the opportunity to learn a ton about this condition.

Nice Greek there :smile:

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Welcome here. Welcome to our tribe. Welcome to the “brains”.
Good to have you. Look forward to hearing from you in the future. Gotta run for now!


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