Hello! Newly diagnosed at 25, inattentive type here!


Uh, well, hello there! My name is Elle. Two months ago, this very October of 2018, my diagnosis was changed from Bipolar Disorder to ADHD-PI. I had tried many mood stabilizers, and had found all of them to be unsuccessful in treating my fast thoughts, as well as helping me with - well, functioning! So, after a few years of frustration and trying to get my psychiatrist to consider that she had misdiagnosed me, I decided to see someone new. (there’s more to it than that, but it would take a while to explain - lotta hospitalizations for depression, doctors seeing me for days agreeing I wasn’t bipolar and didn’t have BPD, stuff like that.) She looked at what I’d been on, and also the fact that my therapist suspected ADHD, and tried adderall, and it was incredibly helpful. These last two months have been just a wild journey of self discovery, mostly just me saying to myself, “Oh! I didn’t know that was an ADHD thing!” Because I was a very good student growing up (interested in many, many things, also a perfectionist), and because my bouncing thoughts are very much internal (I tend to be pretty quiet), doctors growing up thought at most I had depression. But when so many people in my adult life asked if I had ADD that I stopped saying “no” and started saying “I’m not sure because so many of you have asked”… well, that on top of the mood stabilizers absolutely not working, at all, I just… I figured maybe these friends were onto something. And, well, they were right. While I still face doubts, such as “why can’t you just clean?” or “you could’ve made it through college if you’d worked harder!” - I’m learning that trying harder doesn’t really work. Different, though, does. And just because I don’t look like I have ADHD, well, I’m learning that that doesn’t mean I don’t have it - I definitely do. I’m just not always loud about it. (Also my dad has it, but just doesn’t take anything for it, so, I wish I’d known that about him years ago. Would’ve been very helpful.)
So more about me… I’m also diagnosed with DPDR, a disassociative disorder related somewhat to PTSD, as well as Mood Disorder NOS. I’m getting treatment for all of these things with therapy and medication, and it’s not completely known if I’ll ever be fully free from DPDR or the mood disorder, but, I’m game to try to get as well as I can. I’m even thinking about starting a YouTube channel specifically about DPDR because it’s not commonly talked about, and if I’d known about it years ago I could’ve saved myself a lot of headaches.
Some good things - I’m a writer, comedian, YouTuber, illustrator, blogger, musician, singer, dancer… pretty much I’ve just started tons of different creative hobbies over the years because I just got bored and wanted something new. I went to college full time for 3 years before I just completely burned out and had to stop for my health’s sake, and even though I wish I had a degree I feel pretty okay with where I am in life right now. I’m funny, I like to make stuff, and I’m extremely passionate about things that interest and excite me. I am just interested in a lot of stuff, pretty much all artsy stuff, all the time!
I have two cats, and one of them is usually sleeping on my head at night. The other likes me to carry her around the house on my shoulder. They’re utter babies, and I love them to bits. They get me through so much.
That’s about it! Mostly I joined because, well, I’m newly diagnosed and I’m just learning so much about myself recently. It’s been a lot to process, but I’m glad that after so many years (I started getting help for depression at the age of 12) I finally have a better idea of how my brain functions.
That’s everything. Hi!


Hello Elle! Welcome. :grin:

Thank you so much for sharing! It’s awesome to hear that you seem to be on a good path towards treatment for not just the ADHD but everything else, as well. :heart: Also a youtube channel to educate people on DPDR sounds amazing! I love how youtube can be used to educate people… since information can be hard to find no matter if it’s DPDR or ADHD or whatever else. If you do go down the youtube channel path, best of luck!! :heart:

Any pictures? (only if you’re comfortable sharing, of course!) :heart:
I, too, have cat! Named Carson. Who likes to sleep by my head at night… or likes to paw me awake for cuddles… which isn’t so cute at 3AM :sweat_smile:


Hi Harley! Thank you for the hello and welcome!

It’s actually because of a YouTuber that I even learned about DPDR at all, and got help / a diagnosis. It did take a while before anyone would listen, though. But I’m glad to have someone listening now.

And this is a good photo of the babies!

Their names are Alice and Gizmo. Please tell Carson I said hello!


That’s awesome to hear! Yeah, getting people to listen about something can be difficult. Had that same issue with my boyfriend when we tried to get him seen for psoriatic arthritis. :roll_eyes: Glad you finally did get the help you needed! And thank goodness for that youtuber that helps you figure out DPDR!!

Your kitties are so cute!!! :heart:
I will totally tell Carson you say hi! :grin:

It’s only fair I do a picture swap, yeah? ;D


Hello! I also was initially diagnosed with bipolar (II) before finally being re-evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD 8 years later. Totally agree with you about the journey of self discovery, I talked everyone’s ears off for weeks (months…) about all of the things in my life that suddenly made perfect sense!


Look at the kitties!!! I have a very very clean home… I like to state that before telling everyone I have 10 indoor cats. Yes 10 I’m an animal person lol


It’s amazing how many people with adhd get diagnosed as bipolar. Almost anyone with adhd will get a positive on a bp test because the symptoms all match, in adhd you just smush them into a much(much) shorter timeframe.

Super!Interested - nothing works - sad - angry - happy - New idea - manic - tired - happy - oh-I-did-nothing-on-my-list - oops