Hello-Nice to meet you all

Hello, I am 38 years old, married for 11 years and have 3 wonderful kids, don’t do social media so I don’t know if I am doing this right… and recently diagnosed with ADHD. I only recently realised there may be something more to my inability to finish tasks or excel in my new posistion and sought out help. It was then my doctor diagnosed me. Not sure what it exactly meant to me and how to move forward I started reading about it and finding online resources (here!). There is so much that recently clicked while watching a video here, with Brett Thornhill, that I broke down and cried. Not something I, a working 38 year old business professional, does normally. Nothing wrong with that at all but uncharacteristic of me. I found some truth behind the “why” of me and it was beautiful clarity. This is the first place I’ve spoken about it other than my wife and am thankful there is a a resource and community such as this for us “brains” to come to. I am just diving into all of this and even though it’s a bit overwhelming I am looking forward to connecting with others like me. To share the struggles and successes of learning how to navigate through my relationships and career with this newly found lens.


Welcome Chris!

It’s a pretty common story here to have parents looking after ADHD kids, and then finding out they have it themselves.

I went the opposite way. I discovered I have it myself recently, and then suggested to my mother that she do a test. Looks like she has it too.

Thanks for the warm welcome. Actually worded that wrong- only myself diagnosed with ADHD. I just meant to say I have 3 great kids!

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Maybe I read it wrong. All good!

I had a similar reaction when I watched some of the videos. The realisation that there is a name for what you’ve been living for so long can be intense.

This is a great forum for you to learn a bit about it all, and write about your own experiences.

You’ll find many people with similar stories.

Hello and belated welcome! :sweat_smile:
So sorry for the huge delay in getting a bear to you! But I’m catching up now!

How are things going now, eight months later? I hope all is well! And I’m glad you found answers for what you were struggling with. :smiley: