Hello People I'm new to ADHD

Hello Everyone,

I am Mike, 22 years old, and I grew up and currently live in Boise Idaho. I was diagnosed with ADHD about a year and a half ago. I was put on Medication right away but wasn’t in a position to learn more about it. I quickly realized that meds weren’t enough. I just started College and I’m having a really hard time keeping up since I am without meds for a while. What I really need is people to talk to who understand. I don’t get that where I live. I also want to support others in any way I can.

Thank you HowtoADHD



Hey Mike
Welcome. I understand the fluctuation of being off meds. Especially when you were starting to get use to the advantages they can offer.
I am still new to the community so I am still finding my footing. I hope you find what you need but I am always willing to listen if you need it.

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Thanks Amanda
I appreciate it. I am new to using a forum in general. I have never tried online chats before.

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I am rusty lol. It has been a while

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no worries. I am glad I can be here.

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Hello Miek - welcome!

I hope you’re able to get your meds sooner rather than later! We have quite a few students on the forums - hopefully they will be able to help you with tips and tricks, and of course, we are more than happy to encourage you!! I’m sorry you don’t get much support where you live - you will always find support here. :heart:

Hi ADHD friend! Welcome :slight_smile: It can be tough but glad to have you. I feel you on not being able to keep up in college. I felt that way for three years of college until I realized again that I had adhd. You’re getting an edge by knowing it sooner.

I was off adhd meds for 8 years, and I can tell you without a doubt— I needed them. I didn’t realize until I got back on them how I was literally missing half the lecture because I spaced out and I couldn’t keep up with taking notes because I was focusing on what the teacher was saying while trying to take notes. Don’t forget to advocate for yourself. If you need help, ask if you can get accommodations at school. I also understand people not understanding and constantly invalidating. You are seen. And you are heard.

All the best,