Hellow :3


Hello everyone! I’m very new around here and nice to meet you all!
I’m Emily, you can call me Emie. Like everybody else is saying, ADHD explains it all. But I can’t meet a professional because my mom doesn’t believe it. I lost almost everything because of ADHD: My intelligence, self-esteem, confidence, will to live, relationships, etc. I’m too tired to write a long post about my life. I feel like I’m slipping in to depression, but don’t worry, I’m still fighting although I don’t know if I’m making progress or not.

I’m looking forward to meet every one of you! And do be mindful of my crippling RSD :3

Donut hesitate to talk to me coz lief is lonely somtime


Hey Emie, i am happy to talk any time, sounds like your getting frustrated which is understandable but have the tuff as fuck adhd attitude know matter what is thrown at you, sounds like maybe you need to figure a way to diagnosis to get a answer at least then be in a position to move forward, i am sure people here will love to help in any way so keep sharing and chatting :slight_smile: