Help Me do my hw (Motivation)

Hey fellow peoples,
I currently have to do an art essay and I was actually able to get pretty much all my other hw done. But this one… I don’t know why, I just really don’t want to do it. It’s just an art essay and it’s not hard, but my gosh it’s been to long and it’s 2:33 am and due… well technically a week ago, but let’s not talk about that… JUST GIVE ME SOME MOTIVATIONAL STUFF!!! Thanks in advanced :p.

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You may have already watched these, but these vids from the channel might offer some ideas:

Otherwise, it’s worth asking what is getting in the way of doing the work? Is it just an issue of motivation? If so, try doing some exercise before you tackle it, or listening to music while you do. If it’s too big to try to tackle all at once, breaking it into small chunks; just make sure to reward yourself each time you finish a chunk. If it’s a matter of feeling guilty, give yourself permission to acknowledge that it’s hard for you and it’s just a part of who you are. If it’s a matter of time, set a timer. If it’s a matter of accountability, it’s okay to ask someone to check in on you or help you stay focused and on track.

All of the above have helped me before. Maybe they won’t be helpful to you, but hopefully you do find something.

Also, usually this isn’t the first time you’ve ever procrastinated or had trouble getting started. Think back to a time when you overcame this procrastination. What helped you do that? Was it urgent? Was it interesting? Or was it something else? You’ve been successful in the past and will be again. You’ve got this!


One thing I discovered when facing that issue recently was that I was actually afraid of failing. Of trying and failing. I said it shouldn’t be hard. I said it should be simple.

The best solution for me was asking someone else for help. Sitting down with me (virtually in this case) and working through the problem. It helped me not stop, not get distracted and it felt great afterwards. Good luck you got this!

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