Help : USA/Canada/Europe Grad School accommodations ADHD

Hello everyone!

Is there anyone here who has taken ADHD accommodations in a university in USA/Canada.


In a university in Europe? (Germany)

I’m an international student from India applying for graduate school.

Could anyone possibly please tell me about your journey getting accomodations at Uni and what did it look like for you?

~How long did the process take? I suppose one much register as ‘disabled’ to avail accomodations at Uni? I’m really unsure how long that will take… Can someone please give me some idea if you’ve gone through this / know about this?

I’d appreciate any info I can get❤️


Hello @madhur , and welcome to the HowToADHD forums!

I haven’t been to grad school, and I wasn’t diagnosed with ADHD until long after I was a university student.

However, I worked at a public university in the US for ten years. My observation was that it would take anywhere from a few weeks to several months (a full semester, or possibly longer) for students to get accomodations.

My best advice would be:

  1. Contact each university that you are considering, and make your inquiry with the appropriate department. (When in doubt, contact the university’s Dean of Students Office to be directed to the right department.)
  2. Expect the process to take months, especially if records need to be sent from the or if you have to be evaluated within the country where you will be attending university.

Some schools are limited in the accomodations that they can provide. The university that I worked at had three different departments which could potentially provide or arrange for different accommodations for students with ADHD (or other condition): disability support services, academic assistance services, and the counseling & testing center.


thank you for sharing this with me @ j_d_aengus

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You’re quite welcome @madhur . I’ll gladly give any help I can.