Helpful/interesting/usually both videos by vlogbrothers or hankschannel

This video talks about hank’s IBD (irratable bowel syndrome) and most of it is about his experience with that but it also applies to people with chronic mental health conditions cough cough ADHD cough cough and it’s also just interesting and helped me know something to watch before I developed something chronic.

This video is about a series in which hank talks about his brain holes and how lots of people should have pages about them but since they are minorities they dont have that

This is about how your illness isnt your fault

This is john talking about his OCD

This is also about his OCD But a lot less specific and more helpful and has link to things he found helpful

Very helpful video I go to whenever I’m feeling hopeless

I love the Greens! Haven’t watched any of their stuff for a while though. Thanks for the links!


You’re welcome!

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