Helpline Numbers: Do you know any? Post them here!

Helpline UK and Republic of Ireland
Samaritans 116 123

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Thanks Katharine! Got them added :heart:

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In British Columbia you can also speak to a nurse by calling 811. You can also have the option of speaking to a pharmacist if you have questions about drug interactions

Crisis line for BC 1-866-661-3311

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Tips for college students: your campus student health services might have special after hours crisis number for mental health.

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Is there any resources such as these for the U.S. (I only saw 911)?

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…considering I live in the U.S…
I really should have noticed we were missing the US ones.


I’m updating the list soon with the link @SuppaDev posted (for some reason I somehow missed it so I never updated it back in August, sorry about that!).

And it has some numbers for the US that’s actually listed out by state, as well. So give me like 5 minutes and it should be updated!


Text Crisis Line: You can text these volunteers anything you want to talk about and they will respond to you immediately with a helpful tip or with feedback.

National Crisis Text Line Free 741-741**

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Just confirming - it’s the US correct? :grin:

Yes it is.

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Emergency (including hotline for reaching a priest to talk to) 112
Medical information (including where to go if you are not in a serious emergency) 1177
BRIS (Barnes Rätt I Samhället) hotline for kids and teenagers, helping kids with family and relationship issues 116 111
Here are other useful numbers and chat-lines

If you have an eating disorder in Australia you can contact - The Butterfly Foundation at 1800 33 4673

That is all I can say to help out.

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It’s not really a helpline as such… But I found a suicide forum. A community based around suicidal ideation, and support.

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I thought I updated this back when you first posted. :woman_facepalming:
Also the fact I forgot to add my own country’s suicide prevention lifeline…
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I noticed there isn’t one for India ( kinda random I know :sweat_smile: ) does anyone have info for there?