Here is just something I wanted to share when I'm supposed to do work-

Yes this is mine… I should probably go work now- uhhh enjoy the picture I guess also does anyone also do something other then work if so what do you do lol? As you can see I do random picture edits and stuff.


Yup, guilty! I am checking the forum on my lunch break, but I don’t always wait for lunch or until I’m off of work. I have a tendency to check this forum (and the CHADD discussion board) for new posts when I’m between tasks.

I do other things, too, like checking news headlines, or search for the YouTube video of a song that’s stuck in my head, or other random things. (I think I do these these things more for little dopamine boosts, than out of boredom or to find distraction.)

A lot of the things I look up are work-related, but not related to what I’m working on at the time.

I usally do things out of boredom cause lets be honest work is extremely boring and I don’t know why- BUT I DID FINISH MY WORK! YAYYYYY!!!

Most of my work isn’t boring, but that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to engage myself in it. Sometimes I have to psych myself up to tackle something.

Maybe I should try to hype myself up for work I don’y know

I hate to say it but when I go to the bathroom I’m usually just reading an ebook on my phone…