Hey, everyone!

Dreamsage here.
Dreamsage was my gaming name, but MMORPGs is where I can feel like a capable and promising human being, so I’m using it everywhere now. I’ve had good success regulating my ADD with proper programming and diet, never medicated. Only, as soon as I start thinking that everything’s great, I go on to screw everything up in easily avoidable ways. I came here right after a huge fail at a job interview, which was to write my address wrong in my official CV despite being an editor and designer. But I promise to try doing something more than seeking shoulders to cry on. I do need some encouragement to get over the shame, though, as it’s insanely hard for me to explain what’s going on in my head, and probably to find the guts to go asking for medication.
Nice to meet you all! (Though I’ll probably just lurk around for a very long time)


Welcome here on the HowToADHD forums @Dreamsage !

That sounds like a great reason to use this screen name. I hope that you engage in the conversations here, seasoning the forums with your own take on things.

I’m also looking for work, and I can relate to your error. I just found a typo in my Cover Letter (Letter of Qualifications) that I’d already submitted for a job, and the job posting just closed, so I can’t re-submit it.

I’ve only known since last year that I have ADHD, but started to suspect it a few years ago, because I realized that my issues with distractibility, working memory and time management have been lifelong.