Hey from the UK


Hey everyone, I am a 38-year-old who was diagnosed with Hyperactivity (got the term ADHD just as I was leaving school) about 30 years ago (time does fly), along with dyslexia just to add to the fun. At school they didn’t think I would get past my GSCE, I got too distracted, lost my temper too much (at 13, being 6 Foot and a Rugby player, kids thought it was fun to wind me up and see what happened, Yeh great idea guys). As it was I did get my GSCE, hell I got my A-Levels (not as good as I should have due to having major issues in studying I got focused on wrong things and didn’t do the work that I needed to). I either went to University and got a BEng in electronics. In the last 15 years I worked in IT, and nowadays I run the IT for a multiple million-pound company (Who the hell knows how that happened I don’t). So yeh going for the kid who school didn’t think would get GSCE’s to being the IT manager for a company. I did well, with a lot of help from my family. I had a lot of false starts with relationships, my Partner nowadays basically is a Saint, no idea how she copes with me. Yeh I have my bad days, you know when I tired or run down, and yeh I do still over focus on stuff.


Cool. What part of the UK are you from?


Hi from another UK person :wave:


Hello Enazel! Welcome. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry to hear that you struggled so much growing up - but it sounds like you’re in a good place now! And your partner sounds wonderful! And it’s awesome to hear that you have such a supportive family, as well. :heart:




Awesomeness! Me and my family lived in England in '95-96. We spent a couple days in Yorkshire and a day or two in Haworth. I would’ve been like 5 years old so I don’t remember much


Not too far from Haworth. Love the area got City 15 minutes in on direction and open moors out the back door.


Hey Enazel, welcome to the club!
It’s cool to hear about brains from different places (and if they have their life together or not). Now, you were diagnosed when you were 8 (unless I REALLY suck at math), but it seems like you didn’t get much help growing up. Were there not a lot of treatments or psychologist near you? Or was it just an era that no one really knew what ADHD was or how to deal with it?
(you don’t have to answer any of these if you really don’t want to. At the end of the day your life is in a decent spot so, it’s your right whether or not you want to take a stranger down memory lane or not. )


I was a test for a lot of things, 30 years ago, the support for a lot of the conditions where in the early days. So there was support there just no where near the same level as nowadays, When I was doing IT in schools I actually spent time in the support areas. talking to kids and helping with the fact I been though it. I had help as a kid, but some times it was uncertain or unknown if it would work.