Hey I think I have excoriation.....

For people that don’t know excoriation is disorder with somebody compulsively picks their skin and scabs. They normally get scars in such which I do do. and the definition does fit me. I don’t know if I’m just overthinking it so I just may be a normal scars from picking their skin?? I need to know because I don’t know if I’m just being over exaggerative and this is just a normal thing. But it just makes me feel good when I pick you and please don’t be freaked out or anything after I pick it off. I do kind of maybe sorta eat it. I do this with the bumps in such too and imperfections in my skin. And the thing that really freaked me out with sometimes I let it dry so that I could pick it again and that was one of the symptoms. I do this excessively… I know that some people may do this because it’s normal for some people to just occasionally. So should I ask therapist about this or something. I just don’t know what to do.

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I would encourage you to speak with your provider. In some cases things like this can be managed with behavioral interventions, and in other cases medications can sometimes help. It’s not uncommon.

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Hello Jam, it’s not uncommon at all.

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Wow I had no idea thanks for showing me this. I originally thought that it was normally with people with OCD but now that I think about it with ADHD is similar so it makes sense…

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I have OCD and ADHD, I do not do this however, if my nails are too long, even slightly, it triggers my OCD, and I really don’t like ripping them off and won’t bite them, so if I have to wait to cut my nails and their slightly too long it will become the only thing I can focus on. It becomes so distracting that it basically inhibits me from doing things, if i was typing an essay and noticed my nails were a bit long, I really would not be able to focus and finish the essay until I cut them.

Now I’ve got some questions

When do you do it? Is it when your are anxious or nervous, is it when you are bored? or sometimes both?

Are you on medication? What medication? How does you medication effect this behavior does it increase the frequency of it or decrease, or neither? Does it increase any pleasure the behavior brings or does it decrease any pleasure the behavior brings?

Really think about that anxious thing too, compulsive based disorders tend to based around anxiety, even though sometimes we feel anxious and are unaware that we’re feeling anxious.

For my OCD, at least for the most part of my OCD which turns into my perfectionism, is that if i’m not generally stressed out or anxious from school and such, it tends to heavily regress, but if I’m stressed out, late on deadlines, behind in classes, have other things to worry about it, it tends to express itself a lot more.

I think maybe you should look to treat this as almost a behavior addiction.

Hand write a few pages in a notebook or journal, preferably one you could keep with you, [it’s important to hand write it but if you have, separate digital copies as backups that’s okay to]

Write out as a declarative statement, what you want to change, don’t need to use any fancy terminology, just write it out, such as, “I’m want to stop picking my scabs, and I’m going to stop picking my scabs.”

Then write a list of precursors to this behavior, think about it long and hard because this can be difficult and there tends to be a large variety of precursors to a behavior such as this, that most times people are unaware of.

Such as, does this behavior occur when you are bored, depressed, anxious?
does it happen in social gatherings or events, or does it occur when you are alone?
Is there hygiene precursors, does this behavior occur more often if your skin is oily or if it is dry?
Does it happen when you are hungry?
Sleep deprived ?

Also generally, for things such as sleep deprivation, something like sleeping better will overall help you to gain control of this behavior, even if it has no relation at all to sleep, because the better you sleep, the better you feel as well as the better cognitive functions work, increasing your state of well being, as well as health, cognitive functions, is something that will generally help gain control over any behavior, actually just self control in general.

It’s very easy to resist the urge of eating a candy bar, if you just ate a full meal, feel good, are hydrated, not deficient in any vitamins or minerals, and well slept.

It’s just borderline not possible to resist the urge of a candy bar, when you haven’t eaten in 14 hours, are dehydrated, only slept 5 hours, and are stressed out from work.

Even if you were to take away the meal, you had, in the first scenario, it’s still way more easier to resist urges when we feel better, are healthy and hydrated.

But try to find consistency in this behavior, and precursors that may cause or increase the likelihood of you partaking in it.

Then write, in statement exactly what you are going to do, to prevent the precursors from happening in the 1st place, and if they happen out of your control, how are you going to adapt and cope with the situation, so that you are in control of it.

I’m going to wrap this up, because I tend to get pretty lengthy with these.

One behavior I suggest regardless, but seems like it would help in this situation, is meditation but specifically on mindfulness.

Meditation can help avoid many of those general precursors such as mood, but mindful meditation would seem to specifically help to great benefit, in gaining control over the behavior.

Toodles !

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Thank you for telling me what you think. It does happen more often when I’m alone because I don’t want other people to see me do my habit. And not really out of anxiety sometimes but normally when I’m bored which is it every single minute. And surprisingly enough i’ll be more inclined to do it when I’m hungry.No I’m not on any medication. I really want to break free of it but at the same time I don’t wanna let go of it. Thanks again…

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It seems to be anxiety based, sometimes we don’t even realize were anxious, there’s different types of anxiety.

I only say it seems anxiety based, because the nature of the behavior, its compulsive variable, you partake in the behavior when alone presumably because of social-judgement, which shows that there’s at least an anxiety based component attached to the behavior possibly circling around guilt or embarrassment, a lot of people get anxious when bored as well because they don’t know what to do, and the unknown makes us uncomfortable innately, which you also described as every single minute, which indicates that there’s a mental state of mind that is incessantly acting as a precursor to the behavior, being bored possibly predisposes you to the behavior.

The fact you’re more inclined to do it when your hungry is a big indicator that it is anxiety related.

Since you’re not on any medication, or presumably and drugs but that’s for you to know and not me either way, you know it can’t be related to a side effect of a medication, and a medication isn’t causing any of the precursors.

The fact you want to “break free” of it, but also don’t want to let it goes shows, some serious indications.

“break free” sends of the indication that you feel entrapped or consumed in some faucet of your life significantly by this behavior, and also that you do not feel you hold an self-control over the behavior or at least not enough.

It also shows the addictive/compulsive variable to the behavior, that you know there is not a logic reason for the behavior, it is not, a thought out action you analyze, but yet you continue to keep doing it anyway.

The statement, but at the same time I don’t wanna let go of it. shows its addictive and anxiety components again.

You don’t want to let go of it because it causes, some type of neurological change, think of it as a “high” just like a very, very, very, minuscule “high”. But it’s not really a “high” in that regard, as it’s more of pleasure gained from a relief to submit to an urge, rather than just pleasure, which is why it seems more anxiety based. So it’s more like you’re satisfying an urge and gaining pleasure from satisfying that urge, such as with smoking, you increase anxiety when you initially smoke, but when your body craves it, satisfying that urge brings a pleasure, but if you don’t satisfy that urge it brings anxiety. Rather than that of a “high” from like something like morphine which would just be direct pleasure.

Wish I could help more, but i’m sleep deprived and tired so that’s as far as i’m going to go for now.

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Oh I pick and get scars too :yum: It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’re worried about it, then it’s worth seeking a diagnosis…
My general advice to you would be this: if it’s making you feel anxious, if it’s stressing you out, or if you think it’s a problem for you, then go see a therapist. If it can make your life easier or happier, than give it a try!

I think the term for that is dermophagia but I’m not 100% sure. I had to do a school project on excoriation ( although i used the term dermatillomania ) so I’m trying my best to remember what I learned :sweat_smile:

( and don’t worry about being judged, that’s why we’re here :grin: )

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Aww thanks I feel better now.
I already looked into Dermatophagia. that’s not it because i only do this to bumps and scabs. Which is the definition of excoriation. I just eat it which is an add on. But I maybe wrong so idk…:\


Glad I could help! I know it can feel very lonely sometimes :sweat_smile:

Ahhh okay. If I may ask, are you seeking diagnosis to bring peace of mind, or because you want treatment? I’ve found it can be helpful to self-reflect and ask yourself exactly what you want out of this process…

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Sorry for the late response but I don’t have any treatment going on. I plan on telling my therapist soon but didn’t get the chance resently because I forgot…
Thanks again for your help!!