Hey ! I'm form India.


Hi All,
This is Ankit just another name in the community. I recently found out that i share problems most commonly discussed in these forums. I am depressed and anxious about how i am going to fight this state of my mental being. I do not even know if i have to actually fight it. But i am positive that sharing things with people will be of great help. With all my kinda people here i might feel more homely.

I have a tilt towards science and technology. I like to learn. My goal is to understand my brain. How it works and have to make my best of friend. And with the help of this brain i wish to innovate in science creatively so that i can help the entire world.

As a child i suffered from learning disabilities and all the people who were with me went ahead in their lives. And everything i decided to do in life never came up from being just a plan or a dream.

I need help and i’m positive i am in the right place to ask for it.



Yup, I’d say this is a good place to be looking :slightly_smiling_face:

I am still not sure if I should be fighting this or working with it somehow. I have a feeling the right thing to do might be to tame it somehow, to make it work for me.


Hi there Hoosier neighbor and welcome! I am new as well and still very early in understanding and learning new skills to apply my energy in a more focused and productive way.
Definitely the right place to connect with like minded individuals that willing to share their story with a true sense of community. There are really great posts that have helped give me clarity and insight into myself-hopefully you can find the same!