Hey, I'm just another noob but I spent time on this intro though... xD



I’m an almost 19-year-old girl and I live in Sweden. I have had a tricky background but I’ll put it in shortly for you guys. At three months old I got five broken ribs and my wrist too so I was put in a foster family, I freakin’ loved them and still do. There I stayed until I was six years old then the social workers thought I should go back home to my biological mother. (who has ADHD and is bipolar)
I hated it but I stayed there for six years until I was twelve when I was allowed to decide for myself where I would live. So I moved back to my foster family, got diagnosed with ADHD at the age of seventeen. When I was a kid I had a lot of sleeping issues and huge anxiety problems at night but never had I ever found it so hard to find friends until now. Before, I was just like a magnet for people to talk, chitchat or gossip. But now I just pull away more and more and I think I need help with getting back on track again.

My biggest problem is probably cutting people off in the middle of our conversations without even realizing it, my extreme impulsivity, not being able to listen when someone’s standing right in front of me and talking loud and clear and still not really understanding the sound of their voice.

I love reading. English books ike hunger games. Took me two days to read all three books without a problem but then my teacher gives me another book. Also in English but when I open it and try to read it’s like I can’t freakin’ remember what the letters mean and when I do, I have to read the whole sentence for about seven times before I can understand it. My medication is really helping me in these situations but I do forget to take it some days and some days I don’t really feel like I need it.

Now. How do I make other people like my boyfriend, his family or my friends to understand my hyperfocus and my “none-focus”? That sometimes talking to strangers is no problem and I can ask anyone for help but sometimes it just can’t be done by me.
Many people also tell me that Adhd is bullshit and that makes me so sad.

I’ve lost so much weight but I don’t blame the medicine since I feel hungry all the time and can eat small portions all day, the only problem is that I don’t have money for eating eight times a day. Since August I’ve lost about 10kg and I feel myself becoming skin and bone.

Does anyone wanna share their theories, experiences or ideas, welcome to do so.
Take care, Brains <3


Hi Josefin, welcome to the tribe!

Nobody is “just another noob” here. You’re the friggin’ star of the show!

I can relate to that for sure.

I have found that Jessica’s TEDx video can help people to understand a little about the human perspective of ADHD. I found it deeply relatable, even though her situation was different to my own.

You can tell people about dopamine, seratonin, working memory etc. until the cows come home. But an emotional attachment to a message will 10/10 times be much more effective than reading from a dictionary definition.

To be honest, it’s hard to explain it all to myself, let alone to someone else.

As for reading, some people have loads of problems concentrating enough to read (let alone in a foreign language! 10 points for you right there!).

I used to have anything up to 8-10 books going at one time. If I got bored with one, I’d flip to another and then get back to the first one eventually (or not). These days I use Kindle on my phone, so I can flip around between the hundreds of books I have, or download a new one for peanuts.

These days, I can get through anything up to half a dozen books over a two week period, just reading during meal breaks or on the bus to work.

The weight loss may be an indicator of another problem, you should look into that. Nice to be slim, but not nice to end up with gastric problems or malnutrition. And hunger is overrated.

I understand that it’s hard to eat without money. Been there. Pulling carrots and potatoes out of a skip bin behind the supermarket… Not a good place to be.

Well you’ve come to the right place now. Loads of helpful people, and stories in the forums. Read as many as you can. Post often if you feel like it.

The questions you are asking now may be of interest to others in the future. And your advice and experiences are always welcome, as much as your questions are.


I have that with reading too. In theory, I love reading, it was my first hyperfocus as a kid and I would even get into trouble for doing too much of it. But books I have to read for school? Omg, they work like an instant sleeping pill :scream:

In fact, anything by Virginia Woolf does this too, but that may be because I oy read those if I have too :see_no_evil: (this may make me a bad English teacher :flushed::shushing_face: :wink: