Hey I'm new!

My name is Thijs and I’m from The Netherlands.
I got diagnosed with ADD when I was 17 years old (I’m 25 now), started medication right away and thought it was done with that. I never really got more information about it from anyone and never really read about it. Now years later the How to ADHD page showed up on my home page on YouTube. I started watching the videos and recognized a lot of symptoms, there were a lot of eye openers and it was very emotional for me to watch. But I’m also happy that I now know that there are more people struggling with the same things I struggle with.

I’m looking forward to interact with the people here and learning more about myself!

Have a nice day!


Welcome @Thijs.B to the ADHD forum


welcome @Thijs.B :blush: :blush:


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Welcome to the HowToADHD forums @Thijs.B!

We’ve got a great community here. Feel free to join in the discussions, and read through older threads.

I discovered the HowToADHD channel on YouTube because of Jessica McCabe’s TEDx Talk, titled “Failing at Normal: an ADHD Success Story”.

I’m the opposite, in that a few years ago I started recognizing that I had similar traits to what people with ADHD described (distractibility, difficulties with time management and organization, etc). By last Spring, I finally decided I needed to be evaluated, started seeing a licensed counselor in the Summer, and was finally diagnosed last September. Learning more about ADHD helped me realize that I needed to be evaluated for it. I’ve been devouring information ever since.

Medication alone isn’t enough, because as Jessica says in many of her videos, “Pills don’t teach skills.” (But they can help us manage our attention so that it’s easier to learn those skills that we need!)


JD - Thank you for reminding me of Jessica’s YouTube!!

I watched it again and was just as moved (and enlightened) as I was the first time I viewed her incredible TedTalk.

You are a such a positive :brain: . . .

Thanks again,


WELCOME :sunglasses:
hi I’m Jack and I was in the same situation (sort of), diagnosed in 3rd grade took medication for years and that was it. then almost two months ago I finally tried to learn about ADHD. I wish that I learned about ADHD sooner but better late than never. (I’m 14 now)