Hey, pay attention to me!

Hi all… first post here.

Just had an idea, and wanted to reach out and see if anybody’s run across it.

I bullet journal as one of my main ADHD coping strategies. For some time, I had phone alarms set up to remind me to go check my journal, but alas, my brain now just turns the alarm off and goes back to what I was doing. Hence, idea.

Is there a thing like a Tile that has an accelerometer that measures when something moves, but only pings your phone when it’s been stationary too long? Specifically, I’m thinking that I want a device that will ping me if I haven’t opened my bullet journal in 3-4 hours during a specified time window like 7a-9p. It’s not like the tech would be hard… it’s a Tile with an accelerometer and like a few hundred extra lines of code (I may be underestimating that a skosh).

This would also work for medication containers, exercise gear and I’m sure other things too. I just want to give a few of my possessions the ability to say “Hey, pay attention to me!”

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