Hey, pay attention to me!

Hi all… first post here.

Just had an idea, and wanted to reach out and see if anybody’s run across it.

I bullet journal as one of my main ADHD coping strategies. For some time, I had phone alarms set up to remind me to go check my journal, but alas, my brain now just turns the alarm off and goes back to what I was doing. Hence, idea.

Is there a thing like a Tile that has an accelerometer that measures when something moves, but only pings your phone when it’s been stationary too long? Specifically, I’m thinking that I want a device that will ping me if I haven’t opened my bullet journal in 3-4 hours during a specified time window like 7a-9p. It’s not like the tech would be hard… it’s a Tile with an accelerometer and like a few hundred extra lines of code (I may be underestimating that a skosh).

This would also work for medication containers, exercise gear and I’m sure other things too. I just want to give a few of my possessions the ability to say “Hey, pay attention to me!”


Sorry for the necro post… but this is an insanely good idea.

Phone reminders and alarms work for about a week before my brain outsmarts my intentions…


But then you could still just turn it off and go back to what you were doing.

None the less still a good idea!!!

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This is a wonderful idea to help you, but I think vh0622 makes a good point, it would be easy to just turn it back off (unless the “tile” needs to be moved to turn the alarm off, which could result in more problems). I personally left my bullet journal in places that I often saw, such as a clean portion of my desk. This worked for me for a long time.


Howard Rheingold: “Attention is a limited resource, so pay attention to where you pay attention.”

The quote was read by me in this:

very interesting, in more ways than one!