Heyo - Figured I'd say hi!


Hi there. I’m Jasper (32) from the Netherlands. Diagnosed at 25 but still kiiiiiinda trying to figure out how to deal with it/myself.

To be honest, I’m not sure how long I’ll be here… Right now my brain says “yeah, let’s give it a go”, but sticking to something isn’t my strong suit as I think you can imagine. :’)

Nonetheless I of course hope to be here for a while :).

A bit about myself:
Like many of us I’ve always felt different and had trouble dealing with every-day-life. I somehow managed to make my way through school, into a HBO education. Sadly, the older you get, the more pressure there is on your own ability to focus and get stuff done, so after almost finishing (darnit!) my education and trying for years, I’ve recently decided to call it quits and focus in the rest of my life.

I’m smart, but feel I’m ‘unreliable’ in terms of being able to get X done by Y deadline. As such my experience is that companies often say “you’re a great asset! Just… not for our company right now” which means I’m currently spending my days at home trying to get the focus to get somewhere.

Is this TMI? Too little? Dunno. Anyway. Heya!


Hello Jasper, just say what ever you feel you need to, there is no right or wrong, just what works for you at this point in time.

I too, and a lot of other people here feel the same way, have spent a lot of time and effort working really hard and not making much progress.


Hello Jasper!

It’s okay - we have a lot of people that pop in then pop out… then pop back in… then pop back out. It’s totally fine and normal! :grin: And it wasn’t TMI at all. I hope things work out for you! :heart: