Hi! 22, got diagnosed yesterday

Hi! I’m Monica, 22 y/o and from the Netherlands, and I got diagnosed yesterday. I almost fully maxed out the ADHD scoring sheet my psychologist used in my interview.

It’s good to know, but also a little strange. On one hand, I feel like I finally “got caught”. I’ve been ashamed of all my ADHD symptoms all my life (without knowing it was ADHD). And now it’s all out in the open! But on the other hand, I’m feeling relieved - I can finally stop fighting and getting frustrated all the time, and get the help I need.

No personal stories or how I knew or the symptoms I had experienced throughout my life - it’s nice to share but my brain’s way too much of a mess for that right now.

There was a long wait list for an intake, so there was a long period from when a doctor recommended me to get an evaluation until I actually got diagnosed. But even before my diagnosis, I noticed how much it helps me to talk to someone going through a similar experience, to watch Jessica’s videos, or to seek out community support in other ways. “I need to feel like I’m not alone”. So that’s why I’m here, and writing this introduction.

Nice to meet you all, and thank you for all the community work you have done before I showed up here whether it’s something big or talking about your life and symptoms on the internet - I’m a lil nervous (impostor syndrome, hey!) but also excited to be here.


This is much to late of a response, but welcome!

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