Hi all, An underachiever seeking help



Hi I am originally from india working in qatar now.never had adhd diagnosis but I am 100% sure it is.At 25 My father [ I beleave he has too,as we share common traits] took me to a psychiatrist and he said that I am suffering from depression,he didn’t even bothered to ask the adhd side.Had medicine almost 3 years it did a good job of keeping my emotions positive and did well to reduce restlessness,but I cut it off lately.Had done several jobs none of them fulfilling.
I always had problem with organising and working memmory, In an educational system which demands cramming up [india] I was not doing well,got overwhelmed by many things at once.But once I get hang of someting and its bigger picture there was no stopping me.I am hopping to get some good quality diagnosis and help here in qatar.if some body can help ,I t would be greatly appreciated.

The above is my story in shortest version possible.Good luck for every one seeking help here.


Hi Noufal, welcome to the tribe.

Your story sounds very familiar, but I would hesitate to call you an underachiever.

That just strikes me as an incorrect label for a person who likely works ten times as hard as most people, just to get out of bed in the morning, let alone to do a full day’s work or study.

Depression is very common with ADHD. It seems to attract other mental health issues, so you may even have some other disorders nested in there as well… It’s called “comorbidity”.

I did a quick Google search and came up with this…

There is also a thread talking about ADHD support in Qatar here.

It sounds like it might be expensive and difficult there. Do you go back to India often? It might be easier for you to get the diagnosis there (or in some other country), and then take it with you to Qatar. Not sure if you can get the meds in India, and then take them to Qatar. You’d have to check to see how they treat transporting of stimulants.

Maybe ask the Qatari government what the law is, but I’d probably try to do that anonymously just in case.

Come on man! You’re not going to persuade anybody here that you have ADHD by writing short, not rambling stories… :smile: Just kidding…

Good luck! Let us know how you go, I’m sure that eventually there will be somebody else trying to dig up the info you find. So feel free to share whatever you discover and maybe help somebody else out from Qatar.