Hi all


30-35yr old male

On ADHD assessment waiting list.

Diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety since late teens.

(Unsuccessfully) treating with medication and had a few courses of counseling over the years.

I recently researched depression as a symptom rather than as a singular, primary illness.

That’s how I discovered ADHD. Exactly what it is, and what it isn’t. Transpires the symptoms are an incredibly strong fit with my daily struggles, minus hyperactivity.

I Iive alone, work from home permanently and I am not coping with neither everyday living or working.

It’s been this way for far too long now, and I cannot go on like this any longer.

Trying incredibly hard to remain hopeful, and mindful that either a positive or negative ADHD confirmation, is still progress all the same.

I’ll try my best to participate and respond when I can.

I have a lot of questions, so please bear with me.

Thank you for listening.


welcome to the community, it is both sad and confusing as to why getting assessed for adhd has to be so hard, given everything we know about how it presents, how common it is, how beneficial a diagnosis is and how effectivly it can be treated.

I remember that feeling before iwas diagnosed worried that i would have to start my search all over again for the cause of all my struggles, but i think you already have the right approach, whether you get diagnosed or not, you are still another step closer to getting the help you need, good luck with it, i hope you dont have to wait too long.

feel free to ask your wuestions on here, it is a very friendly and supportive community.

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Welcome. I’m a newbie too. Just joined this week.
Everyone has been supportive and friendly.

I think ADHD needs to be rebranded to a new name that encompasses all the complexities of the disorder.

Hopefully you can get treatment soon. I don’t live alone but I often live alone in my thoughts and it is crippling. Holding my dog and going outside to breath in the kinda fresh air helps me. Because of my comorbidities I programmed the Helpful numbers listed in the toolbox posted by the community manager of this forum.
Hang in there. Be safe and well.

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Welcome to the community! Hopefully you get your assessment soon and whatever it says it offers some clarity and direction.


I’ll try my best to participate and respond when I can.

We have no grading system . . . we all try our best . . . and whether you hit the mark or not, nobody here will judge you!

I have a lot of questions, so please bear with me.

We will :bear: with you . . . :sunglasses:

Thank you for listening.