Hi all !



Hi everyone, I found this forum through youtube. I am so greatful this exists! My daughter is currently being tested (right word??) for ADHD. I’m looking for things to help her. She’s been seeing a psychologist for about 2 years. I’m sure some of the people around me think it’s ‘an excuse’ for her not being disciplined enough…so really just looking for support and some ways to help her cope.
Also… if it runs in the family and she feels as scattered as I do on a daily basis then I know how she feels and it’s not fun. :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I’ll leave this here.


Hello Em and welcome!

Tested works! Assessed, works too. Matter of preference. :grin: I hope the assessment goes smoothly and efficiently. :slight_smile: We have quite a few parents here that you can totally poke the minds of over in #support:parenting - and of course us non-parents are more than happy to encourage you too. :smiley: :heart: