Hi from Cincinnati :)


Hello from Cincinnati. I was diagnosed with ADD back in like 5th grade and went on meds for a little while, can’t quit remember why I came off. But where I excelled in learning as whole, I tended to leave my completed homework in my book bag. I managed to escape high school and head off to college to play college football. There in one year I had three majors and a lot of wasted classes. After one more year I left and started my fourth major, but left college twice before coming back. The final time I came back I applied to be a graphic designer and well no one else applied so…

One year later I flunked out after landing my first full-time graphic design position. I went about 3 years before struggling a bit, not getting engaged with my job and gaming more than working. So I went back on meds. I felt defeated and like a failure that I needed meds, but work started to turn around some. So after less than a year I was back off meds.

Here I am 12 years later and I am finally researching and digging into understanding about ADD. Divorced and now with someone who is encouraging me to gain understanding and has loads of grace, I’m looking for a doctor and looking to find not just meds, but a way to live with this. Because of Jessica I’ve started Bullet Journaling (funny I’ve been using these journals for the past few years, but never had a system and kept getting frustrated…).

I’m hopeful and trying to actually face reality and not be ashamed of my ‘shortcomings’.


Hey! I’m happy that you got back on meds. I think you found something that really helps you and it shows great maturity to do what works best for you and not listen to the ideas that you are a failure for not being “successful” without it. I personally didn’t start taking medicine until I was 30.I would loved to have had this help. I wish people could view it the same as wearing glasses or being a hearing aid. I was nervous about taking the meds at first but I love how I finally can express and show people the me that’s been so difficult to show.

Pleasure to meet you!!