Hi from Switzerland


Hi There fellow Brains :slight_smile:
Dropping by to introduce myself, my name is Arianna (but prefer to go by Ciuki), I’m 37 living in Switzerland and just got diagnosed. Kind of scary and relieving at the same time, you know :slight_smile:
I’m happy to have found this community, thank you for accepting me.


Hi Ciuki :slight_smile:


Yep. We know. :wink:

Welcome to the tribe, Ciuki. Enjoy the ride!


HI! :smile: I’m from Switzerland too! Welcome to the Tribe :heart:


My great grandfather emigrated from Switzerland. Does that count? :wink:

He was a pastry chef for the Hurst Castle back in its heyday. Gave us a lot of good recipes including Christmas Stollen.


Hi Vitea, greetings from Geneva !
Wow, would never have thought to find here someone from CH :slight_smile:
Which part of Switzerland ?


I’m from Zurich :blush: We got quite a few Swiss members by now, but they’re mostly on the Discord, not the Forums.


Lovely to hear that .
ehm…what’s the Discord :sweat_smile:


I just looked it up myself because I too was curious. It appears the official How To ADHD Discord channel is reserved for Patreon donors. However, the forum here is free.

I’ve not looked into how to become a Patreon donor, but if you wanted to I’m sure there are several members who could give you a hand.