HI from the Lone Star State


I am Spike from Texas. I was diagnosed with ADHD as a kid back in the first grade. I was on two different meds from first grade to the 12th. I have been off meds for 15 years and have done alright. I came here looking for help and see what other options I have.


How was it with the meds ?
how is it without the meds ?


When I was kid everything was pretty starting. When I got in my teens that’s when things went south. I came home angry a lot. Became social reject. Now at 32 I have no interest going back on meds.
I started on ritalin three times a day. When I taking off it I was taking pill an half three times a day. Then too strattera three times a day. I have got better. It just finding the tools that.


There are other meds out there that might work better for you without the unpleasant side effects