Hi guys me again sorry


I’m writing a list of things to bring up in my testing appointment because I find I miss something all the time in my counseling appointments if anyone could help me with other topics that would help with my case please feel free to suggest topics

Home life

  • cleaning
  • General day to day
  • day planning
  • priorities
  • starting hobbies that last a day to a week and giving up because I just loose interest or dont have the time

Job life

  • set tasks
  • Priorities least important to important
  • General math and English skills
  • repetitive work
  • time management
  • talking too much with co workers
  • engaging in long topics with customers instead of catching up with what I was doing


  • grades
  • in class tutoring/ extra learning help
  • behavioral
  • assignments / in class work


  • failed every unit
  • not focusing on what is more important
  • reading full textbooks ( skimming)
  • teachers requesting me to get further learning help
  • assignments

Child hood testing for adhd

  • being told I would grow out of symptoms and it was just a phase


Friends and relationships?


I dont really have an issue with friends I mean I lost a lot due to having a baby young but definitely in relationships I can add a few things into that category thanks :slight_smile:


Don’t apologize for yourself! :grinning:


Just a suggestion for topic list. I think you are well prepared. Wish you well :blush: