Hi guys!!!

Hi Guys,

To dive right in; I stumbled upon the youtube channel a couple of weeks ago and visited it the last couple of days while procrastinating studying for a test. Telling myself it wasn’t procrastinating because clearly this was super-super-important. And obviously couldn’t wait 2 hours until after the test😉.

I’m 33 and I got the official ADHD diagnosis about 2-3 years ago. I am from the Netherlands so not a native speaker (so per definition you’re not allowed to be annoyed by my grammar or spelling mistakes :joy::joy:).

Most people around me I havent actually told about my diagnosis yet and Im in the process of finding my way regarding this. But I figured it`s easier opening up a bit more to you guys. :wink:.
I guess the reason for this is because I sometime still find it diffucult accepting the diagnoses because it feels like the “easy” way out. And I just should try harder. I rationally know this isn’t true. Sadly reason and long-standing feelings are not the same thing. :wink:

The video about college stories and how many drop out got me wondering on how on earth I, looking back, managed to make it through university. Never thought about this myself and to be perfectly honest I never felt myself “doing well" in any way. Quite the opposite actually; I always felt, and often still feel, I was underperforming, frustrated about my time-management and battling the so-familiar judgmental voices telling me Im lazy and should just try harder to 'get my things in order" (or "get my ducks in a row" is the US expression isnt it?). And furthermore being super-frustrated with the constant feedback about my organizing and prioritizing skills.

But I have come a long way the last years and learned a lot. Currently dived into the GTD-methodology which suits me like a glove!
Looking forward to getting to know you guys!




Welcome to the tribe and yes it is a expression here in the us of getting all your ducks in a row.
I relate with the feelings of I should try harder and do but it doesn’t always happens. Procrastination hits hard right now for me with things here for me in Uni due to it wrapping up the fall semester.

Welcome fellow newcomer! Yeah, I also totally wasn’t procrastinating working on a final project by watching the channel and signing up for the forums… And I also very much identify with the bit about prioritizing skills, because that’s always been terrible for me

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That’s always a stressfull period when several ongoing projects/tasks all have to be wrapped up!
On the one hand I can start to lose track -> get overwhelmed -> procrastinate more.

At the same time however; Nearing deadlines -> stresslevel goes up (alongside with the growing conviction that the world as I know it will come to an end if I don’t manage everything) -> enter… hyperfocus and frantic productivity -> getting stuff done -> get out of hypermodus ->being slightly bewildred that the world as I know is in fact still here and was going about like normal. oblivious to all my worries :wink:, oh the audacity!! :smirk:.

Very tiring😂 how is that for you?

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Yes especially when you make it an ongoing skill to develop without much result and not understanding why!!! (This was before my diagnosis😉)

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