Hi I am new from Norway


I am 57 years old and got diagnosed three years ago. Working as a psychologist I should have understood decades ago. But always kind of managed as long as I kept moving tackling problems on the run. And getting frustrated when I had to accomdate to other people. Which always happened because I am very considerate. And not. But eventually I got increasingly frustrated, exhausted and depressed. And disillusioned with my profession. My partner, who saw my struggle with organizing myself and controlling my emotions urged me to go to a neuropsychologist. Which I found very interresting. And got my growing suspiscions, after sitting though a diagnostic interview for my brother who struggles much more, was confirmed. To my embarrasment. And annoyance with Adhd sceptisism among psychologists, which may be one reason for me not seeing the obvious. Combined with lack of self-knowledge. I use Ritalin. It helps somewhat, but not much with my main frustration. I struggle with scheduling, organizing time, and my self, and most of all with writing. Which I have to do a lot. Organizing text, selecting whats essential, remembering brilliant ideas I just had. , or text I just read. And fighting perfectionism and self-doubt, not getting finished in time. It always takes too much time, way more than it should. Too late to find another occupation. I am my own boss, but afraid one day I cannot cope anymore. Difficult to find advice about my huge problems with organizing, working more efficiently. Anyway happy to have found this resource albeit many years too late. .


You’ve definitely found the right place.
You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about not recognising your symptoms, I read an article that explained how many psychologists don’t recognise symptoms in themselves which they may be looking for in others, although I don’t know why that is. I share many of your struggles, and this is a great place to get help in dealing with them.


Thank you! Hmmm, interresting, do you remember where you read that article?


Sorry i dont remember where I found the article, but I’ll let you know if I find it again.


That is Ok. Thanks :blush: